Old Navy Has 50% Off Everything Until March 26 -- Here Are 10 Things Under $25

Old Navy

Old Navy
Old Navy

Wouldn't opening a package with something new and pretty to wear cheer up everyone in your family up right now? You could all dress up and have dinner together like a loungewear and jeans version of Downton Abbey. It'll be fun. 

Old Navy is selling everything at half price. These are unprecedented times. You might never see prices this low again. Things that are normally an amazing deal at $25 are half that. The spring clothes the kids need are in stock and so affordable it's like earning money buying them in this sale.

Here are 10 items for everyone in the family that are less than $25.

  • This lightweight hoodie for you.

    Every dress and T-shirt in your wardrobe will work beautifully with this light hoodie as the weather warms up. Wear it with loungewear, over a tank dress, with jeans and a T-shirt. It will quickly become a staple. 

    It's normally $24.99. Buy it now for $12.49.

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  • Leggings you can live in.

    Are you working from home? Now is -- finally! -- your chance to wear nothing but leggings. Stock up! This pair of High Rise Balance 7/8-Length Leggings are cute, comfortable, and blessed with a pocket for your phone. Perfect!

    "I’m replacing all of my other leggings with these!!" says one reviewer. "My daughter and I each have 2 pairs. The pockets and high-rise are amazing!" says another.

    Normally $29.99, they are $15 today. Has there ever been a better time to boost your lounge-at-home wardrobe?

  • Put that man in a clean T-shirt.

    Tired of looking at him in that same T-shirt? Wouldn't he love it if you bought him something you could ogle him in while you are seeing so much of each other?

    This Soft-Washed Jersey Henley will be yummy for both of you. Soft and comfortable for him. Easy on the eyes for you. And it's only $6.49 right now. You could fill his drawer.

  • Does your man need better loungewear?

    All of a sudden, loungewear has become the norm. This is great for those of us who have been stocking up on it for years. But if he's been going to work daily and never has time for the stuff, he might be sad right now. 

    This is so easy to fix. This pair of Tapered Joggers for Men is only $15 right now. This will be a gift for both of you.

  • A yummy, comfy staple.

    Wouldn't it be lovely to never have another morning fashion crisis? Just get up, pull on this pair of Roll-Over 4-Way-Stretch Plus-Size Yoga Pants and a T-shirt (for casual) or a blouse (for less casual) and go. Add a jacket or hoodie if it's cool out. 

    These are priced so low it's a great time to buy a few. It's your chance to eliminate that morning hassle for at least a few days out of every week forever. They are just $14.01 today.

  • That boy needs shoes.

    No one ever warns you that boys grow so fast it becomes a challenge to keep them in shoes that fit. You have to check every day to see if they are busting out of the pair you bought last month. 

    When a stylish pair of shoes for boys emerges, buy them so you'll be ready when the pair on his feet don't fit. Otherwise, you have to drop everything to go shopping. And when that happens, you'll pay full price.

    This adorable pair of Faux-Suede High-Tops is just $15.01 today. 

    "My son loves them," says one reviewer. "I bought 2 more pairs."

  • Lounge pants for boys are in high demand right now.

    No school? This presents an entirely new wardrobe problem for boys: You're getting very tired of looking at him in those Christmas lounge pants. Today is the day to fix that.

    Patterned Micro Performance Fleece Pajama Pants for boys are on sale for $11.49 today. They come in a wide range of patterns, from sharks (shown) to space to dinos and more. He will love them. So will you.

  • Fill her closet with dresses.

    It's spring, and your lovely girl would love to have a new dress. How about filling her closet with them? 

    This swing tank dress comes in so many patterns, and is so comfortable and easy, you can. She will love it and never look the same two days in a row.

    Some have a solid tank top and a patterned skirt. Some are an all-over pattern. They are "super cute!" according to reviewers. "I love that they come in different skirt/top color combinations!"

    And they are 50% off what was already an amazing price, bringing your cost to $8.03 each

  • Put a cute jacket on that and you're done.

    The weather might not be quite ready for a sleeveless dress, but that's OK. Add this adorable Hooded Scout Jacket to that dress -- or jeans and a tee -- and she will be ready to go and have a pocket for her keys and phone, too.

    This jacket is 100% cotton, so it will get better every time you wash it. She will love it and live in it. Today, it's only $20.03. It also comes in olive. 

  • The baby cuteness is off the charts.

    Bundle baby up in this Cozy Footed One-Piece and the cuteness will be nonstop. It's easy, too, with that long zipper, stretch, and feet.

    "The stretch fabric makes for easy diaper changes," says one mom. "So soft and so cozy," says another. "Ended up getting one in every color!"

    It comes in blue, blush, and cream. And today it's just $7.54.

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