10 Egg-cellent Easter Basket Ideas for Kids of All Ages


What’s fun to some moms can be downright stressful for others -- and that goes double for planning your Easter basket. Of course, there are always bunnies; bunny ears, bunny stuffed animals, and even the classic chocolate bunny are all great places to start. But what if your kids aren't interested in rabbits? Or you’re stuck on ideas outside of our furry little friends? Well have no fear because we’ve got your back. We’ve found 10 truly egg-cellent Easter basket ideas that range from classic basket treats to new ideas that you might have missed. Take a look at our list and see what amazing Easter items should be added to your list!

  • 1.  L.O.L. Surprise! Lights Glitter

    L.O.L. Surprise! dolls are some of the most popular toys around, and the new Lights Glitter collection is all about lights, camera, fashion! Unbox a sparkly doll with eight surprises including a magic black light that reveals glowing surprises. They’ve got it glowin’ on!

    (Walmart, $10.88)

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  • 2. Wreck Royale

    Crash and customize your Wreck Royale vehicle this Easter with this super fun treat for your car-loving kid. No need for batteries, just wreck n roll! Collect all the cars in the Wreck Royale line and mix n’ match the pieces to create your own cool, custom cars. 

    Great for kids ages 6 and up.

    Wreck Royale Exploding Crashing Ricky Rodder Race Car (Target, $9.99)

    Wreck Royale Exploding Crashing Meatloaf Race Car (Target, $9.99)

  • 3. It’s Not Easy Being a Bunny

    A perfect book for a beginner reader -- It’s Not Easy Being a Bunny is a good choice for kids just learning to sound out words. Read it together with your child or let them show off their reading skills all by themselves.

    (Amazon, $6.00)

  • 4. LEGO Easter Chick

    Is there ever a wrong time for a LEGO kit? Well this chick isn’t just for show. In fact, this little guy can rotate its head, body, and has movable wings and toes. Best for kids ages 7 and up, this gift is so sweet.

    (Amazon, $23.99)

  • 5. Hide & Squeak Eggs

    It can be the most difficult to shop for infants and toddlers, but these Hide & Squeak Eggs will provide hours of fun for kids ages 18 months and up. All kids need to do is crack open the eggs to reveal some sweet little chicks inside. Squeak, squeak! 

    (Amazon, $14.99)

  • 6. Easter Egg Slime

    Slime is a beloved trend that is here to stay. Break your egg apart to get to the gooey slime inside filled with either a toy rabbit or a chick. Each pack contains three eggs, which means you break packs up for multiple gifts or give it to a kid who really loves slime.

    (Amazon, $6.99)

  • 7. Would You Rather?

    Looking for an activity for after Easter brunch? In this case, a book can help. This activity book is perfect for families looking for something to do together. Each page asks hilarious Would You Rather? questions that you can take turns asking.

    (Amazon, $6.99)

  • 8. Bunny Farts

    By its name alone, this is the best (and funniest) Easter basket stuffer. Bunny Farts (a.k.a. Cotton Candy) will bring a smile to any kids face -- and hopefully won’t get too messy all over everything else.

    (Amazon, $8.95)

  • 9. UNO Minecraft

    Gamer kids will love this basket stuffer -- but parents will love it because it gets them away from a screen. UNO gets a cool new twist with this special Minecraft version of the game and it’s fun for the whole family too.

    (Amazon, $7.52)

  • 10. Melissa & Doug Burrow Bunny

    A sweet buddy for the whole year long, this Melissa & Doug Burrow Bunny is the perfect cuddly gift. Little ones will want to bring Bunny with them through all of their big moments -- the dentist, soccer practice, and even to school -- and can cuddle it as they go to sleep. 

    (Amazon, $13.49)