Get Meghan Markle's Royal Look With This Inexpensive Red Cape Dress From Costco

Meghan Markle Safiyaa red cape dress
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Meghan Markle was stunning in the red Safiyaa cape dress she wore in London this week. Of course, she was. She's the Duchess of Sussex. She's gorgeous. And that dress is fantastic. 

That designer dress also costs just under $4,000.

She might have to spend that sort of money to go to a high-profile event, but you don't have to spend anything like that to get her look. 

You're lucky enough to be able to dress in any brand you like without being judged by the British tabloids or, probably, the queen.

We found a dress -- at Costco, no less -- that you can wear to events that are somewhat less formal than the Mountbatten Festival of Music during a royal exit tour of Britain.

It flashes almost as bright. But it doesn't require you to sell your jewels. Not even the Swarovski crystals.


Costco red cape dress vertical

The Duchess of Sussex was not holding back. That dress was long. It was bright. The shoes were amazing. You might want to capture the essence of her look without taking it into the stratosphere.

This SexyModest Ladies' Cape Dress at Costco is pretty close. 

Sure, it's less formal and knee-length. And the cape doesn't require everyone in the vicinity to give you a wide berth. But it'll be clear that you're paying homage to the stylish Meghan Markle, especially if you get it in red.

But at $38.99, you could probably also get it in black and blue.

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