Send a Strong Message to the Kids With This 'Leave Mom Alone' Candle


Kids can be exuberant, self-absorbed, and not the best at reading subtle signals that mom needs a minute.

But that doesn't mean you have to let them run the show. This is a perfect example of the value and necessity of clear communication. Children are, by definition, young. Just because they get an idea in their head -- "I want a grilled cheese sandwich!" "Where is my purple Lego?" "Tell Timmy to stop breathing on me!" -- does not mean that you have to react in a timely fashion.

You are the adult. It's your job to set some limits. Not only because you'll go insane if you don't, but also because you'll raise little monsters incapable of gauging when to enter a conversation or read how their actions affect others.

Snapping after they make you crazy is not the only way. You can get in front of this and offer clear cues they can easily understand.

Here is an idea that involves candles for you!

  • Light a candle

    Instead of losing your mind, set some boundaries. Sit the littles down and explain, "When this candle is lit, Mom needs everyone to be quiet."

    Then make yourself some tea, find a comfy spot, and light this soy "Leave Mom Alone" candle ($12). 

    You probably won't be able to leave it lit for longer than 10 minutes or so. And you probably can't do this once every hour, unless your kids are old enough to self-regulate. But you can do this. And the kids can learn to honor it. 

    It will do you both good.

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  • High-quality soy candles

    Your "Leave Mom Alone" candle is more than a gimmick. It's a high-quality soy candle, scented as you choose, and hand-poured into an 8- or 4-ounce jar. These are beautiful candles made in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

    You'll enjoy lighting the candle and filling the room with its scent as much as the 10 minutes of peace. 

    You children will -- eventually -- enjoy giving you something you need. Maybe they, too, will enjoy a moment of silence.

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