There Are 2 Opportunities To Score $10 Target Gift Cards


I like a deal. But many deals ask you to spend money now on something you won't need until later in order to save tomorrow's money, today. I'm not entirely opposed to this sort of planning, but it can be a slippery slope that leads to excess spending.

Today's deal is not one of those. Today's deal invites you to spend money on something you need now to get money you can spend later.

In short, stock up on some of these necessities or these baby supplies at Target and get cash! (Or a gift card, anyway. Pretty close to cash.)

Here's how.

  • Stock the bathroom, get $10.

    Scott toilet paper -- the best, in my humble opinion, for both quality and price -- is on sale at Target. So stocking up on it is already a no-brainer. 

    Right now, in addition to saving money (it's $19.99 for 27 rolls), you'll get a $10 gift card if you buy three packs. Smart!

    You don't even have to leave the house for this deal. Target will deliver for free.

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  • Never run out of laundry detergent, get $10.

    You will always need laundry detergent, right? And if anyone in your family has sensitive skin, All Free Clear ($9.99) is probably the one you buy. So get three of them, delivered, and score a $10 gift card. 

    Not your favorite brand? There are plenty of others to choose from that will get you a gift card.

    That's a win-win. Right?

  • Huggies for the tot, cash for you.

    If someone in your house is on the move and not quite potty trained, she will probably appreciate the liberation offered by some of these Huggies Little Movers

    They are a good deal at Target ($24.99 for 52 of them), and if you stock up and buy two packs, mom gets a $10 gift card.

    In fact, if you buy two of any of these diapers, you get a $10 gift card.

    There are so many deals on diapers in this sale, though, that you should browse the list to see if your favorite is here.

  • Stockpile formula, get cash.

    However you feed your baby, formula is good to have on hand. Maybe you use it frequently. Maybe you never use it. But emergencies happen. And baby still needs to eat. 

    If you buy two of any of these formulas, you get a $10 gift card. So now's a good time to stock the baby pantry.

  • Get paid to wash the dishes.

    Washing dishes is usually a thankless job. But right now, if you stock up on dishwasher detergent by buying three from this wide selection, Target will thank you in the form of a $10 gift card.

    That seems too hard to pass up, right? I'm in.

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