Move Over, Bath Bombs -- 'Fairy Dust' Is Here To Make Bath Time More Magical


Getting an hour to soak in the tub, these days, requires an act of Congress, some magic, the stars to align, and your unpredictable children to become compliant. 

This does not happen often enough to waste the opportunity on some mysterious bath bomb given to you by an in-law. This is serious! You need everything about that bath to rejuvenate, heal, relax, soothe, and calm.

Toss out that weird bath bomb, put on some music, pour yourself a glass of wine, and drop some Fairy Dust in that water. You need this!

  • Purple velvet water

    Sink into a warm tub of liquid velvet. That water will be purple and full of moisturizers to heal your skin. The scent is a sweet, calming floral and sugar. 

    It looks beautiful. It feels delicious. And it smells divine. If everyone would just stay out of the bathroom and wait for the calmer, rejuvenated version of you to emerge, all of this will go much more smoothly.

    Blackberry Magnolia Bath Bomb in a Bag is $5. You can use it all at once or save some for another bath.

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  • Dragon's blood in your bath

    Sink into a deep bowl of dragon's blood and emerge powerful and renewed.

    This Dragon's Blood Fairy Shimmer Bath Bomb Dust ($5) is a complex spicy scent of cedarwood, orange, clove, and patchouli. It will fill your tub with a rich coppery glitter that will make the next hour something out of your fantasies. Lock. The. Door!

  • Refresh and take care of your skin

    Dip into a bright blue bath that will treat your senses to grapefruit and lime, vetiver and cacao. It's a unique experience that will light up your senses and soothe your skin at the same time. This blue water is rich in shea butter and kaolin clay. So good for you!

    Blue Agave and Cacao Fairy Shimmer Dust is $5 a bag.

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