For Moms Expecting a Baby This Spring: Here Are a Few Unexpected Things They'll Both Need

Mandy Velez | Feb 12, 2020 Shop
For Moms Expecting a Baby This Spring: Here Are a Few Unexpected Things They'll Both Need
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Being a new mom or even a mom to a new baby is an indescribable experience. They seem to need everything, and yet, not much at all, except space and love and maybe some sleep and someone to simply hold the baby. Whether one is a soon-to-be mother looking for what she will need in those crucial first days, weeks and months that baby arrives or a friend or loved one looking to bless this new mama with the tools she'll need to get by, we compiled a list of some things that may be truly useful.

Although all newborn babies (and their parents) need certain items to thrive during their first weeks at home, we tried to think of items that are somewhat unique to spring. Spring means new life, and what better literal representation of that than a new child. What follows is a compilation of pastel, floral-themed items but also ones that spring babies and mamas will need, such as short-sleeved onesies and creams for seasonal dry skin or allergies.

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  • Safari Animal Burpy Bibs


    One thing all moms know is that babies need to be burped, and sometimes the burp comes with spit-up. Save clothes and avoid a mess with these cute safari animal bibs. Two come in a pack for $16 from Crate & Barrel.

    Safari Animal Burpy Bibs (Crate & Barrel, $16)

  • Boppy Elephants Newborn Lounger


    Boppy pillows prop babies up and keep them safe and comfy when mom needs her hands free to make a bottle or go to the bathroom or something wild like that. Although babies are the primary beneficiary of this pillow, it still benefits their mothers.

    Boppy Elephants Newborn Lounger ($33, Target)

  • Organic Bamboo Nursing Pads


    When a mom is nursing, her milk can leak, whether if pumping or feeding is delayed or milk production is abundant. These nursing pads can soak up post-feed drips and keep nipples from chafing on clothes.

    Organic Bamboo Nursing Pads (Kindred Bravely, $12.50)

  • Safari Short Sleeve Onesies

    Safari Short Sleeve Onesies

    This one seems like a given, but newborns need onesies. Spring newborns, in particular, could use onesies that are spring-like and have short sleeves when things to start get warmer for them. These onesies, sold in a set of three, feature cute lions.

    Safari Short Sleeve Onesies (Gerber Children's Wear, $7)

  • Aveeno Baby Eczema Therapy Nighttime Balm


    Babies have sensitive skin and need skincare routines as delicate as the mothers, especially if they suffer from rashes or eczema. New moms should not fret. Just use this affordable nighttime balm to soothe them. It is made with natural oatmeal.

    Aveeno Baby Eczema Therapy Nighttime Balm ($3.50, Target)

  • Motherlove Nipple Cream


    Babies aren't the only ones who need cream to soothe themselves. Nipples can become chapped and sore from a newborn baby sucking on them, or pumps pulling on them and drying them out. Therefore, Motherlove nipple cream will help make things a bit less painful.

    Motherlove Nipple Cream ($9, Thrive Market)

  • Pull Over Tulip Hem Nursing Tee


    This may look like a plain T-shirt, but it will go a long way for new mothers or mothers with a newborn at home. It's a nursing-specific shirt that allows for easy access to the breasts to feed baby comfortably while wearing a comfy shirt.

    Pull Over Tulip Hem Nursing Tee ($21, Motherhood Maternity)

  • Stars Muslin Swaddles


    Swaddles are important for newborn babies all year, but these bright, pastel and lightweight swaddle blankets are just right for spring. They're easy to pull out when baby wants comfort when things are warmer. 

    Stars Muslin Swaddles ($22, BuyBuyBaby)

  • Sleeveless Cotton Skin to Skin Top


    Mom and baby can bond in a number of ways in the newborn phase, from breastfeeding to skin on skin contact, and a babywearing top or carrier is a simply way to facilitate that. This one is built into a sleeveless cotton top.

    Sleeveless Cotton Skin to Skin Top ($59, Seraphine)

  • Brica Fold n Go Travel Bassinet


    Brand-new babies and those that are still young need extra protection for their sleeping arrangements, but that shouldn't stop parents from traveling. This travel bassinet can give them the best of both worlds as it easily folds to move from place to place.

    Brica Fold n Go Travel Bassinet ($40, Target)

  • Basic Seamless Maternity Bra


    In addition to comfortable nipple cream, pads or nursing tees, one of the most important items for easy nursing post-birth is a good nursing bra. This plus size one is seamless and black for a basic but a tried-and-true bra. The less hassle and more support the better.

    Basic Seamless Maternity Bra ($25, Motherhood Maternity)

  • Mamas & Papas Mylo 2 Stroller


    Strollers are a must for all moms with small babies, but this Mylo 2 stroller is a wonderful stroller for spring. It has what baby and mom need, from a supportive seat to a sun cover, as well as a simple design that means it's not too heavy for pushing on a hot spring day.

    Mamas & Papas Mylo 2 Stroller ($640, Albee Baby)

  • Floral Baby Book


    Baby books can take many forms these days, from an actual book like this one to an email address to Instagram or Facebook pages. Parents going for a handwritten baby book will appreciate this floral one that is cute and commemorates spring with its floral theme.

    Floral Baby Book ($45, Etsy)

  • Eddie Bauer Backpack


    Going anywhere with baby will require a backpack, but with spring making it hard to stay inside more often than not, a bag that can hold plenty of supplies is especially important. This Eddie Bauer backpack from Target is fashionable and useful, featuring all the pockets a newborn mama will need.

    Eddie Bauer Backpack ($65, Target)

  • Post-Pregnancy Wine Glass


    If moms enjoyed drinking a nice glass of wine or two pre-pregnancy, than going nine months without it may have been a little tough. This funny wine glass celebrates her being able to have a glass of wine again after nine long months. 

    Post-Pregnancy Wine Glass ($10.50, Etsy)

  • Ruffle Hem Pull Down Wrap Nursing Dress


    Just because a woman has a newborn doesn't mean she has to be confined to her home or only wear sweatpants or PJs. If she's able to attend events and is breastfeeding or pumping, she'll need outfits that support that, such as this cute nursing wrap dress.

    Ruffle Hem Pull Down Wrap Nursing Dress ($38.50, Motherhood Maternity)

  • Fresh Life Body Lotion


    There really is no limit to how much lotion a single person, or mom and baby, can have. Fresh's skin care line is very effective in treating dryness, and its Life body lotion lives up to that.

    Fresh Life Body Lotion ($26, Nieman Marcus)

  • NoseFrida The Snotsucker Nasal Aspirator


    One of the most overlooked but important things to know about newborns is that they can't blow their own noses, despite having lots of mucus. This NoseFrida nasal aspirator will help clear them out, which in turn, will hopefully clam baby down (and parents).

    NoseFrida The Snotsucker Nasal Aspirator ($16, Babylist)

  • Diaper Pail


    Diaper pails seem pretty blah in comparison to all of the other baby items needed for a little one's first few months on earth, but they're another one of the most vital tools. The diapers will add up day to day, and a pail like this will keep the stench contained, which is especially useful once it starts to warm up outside.

    Diaper Pail ($90, Babylist)

  • Newborn Bring Home Outfit


    Last but not least, baby needs an Instagramable, incredibly cute going home outfit. Etsy has a ton of them, including this outfit that says "Hi, I'm new here." Our hearts can't take the cuteiness. It comes with pants, a onesie and a hat that can feature baby's name. 

    Newborn Bring Home Outfit ($25, Etsy)

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