15 Nail Cuticle Tattoos That Prove Tiny Ink Can Still Have a Lot of Style

Lauren Gordon | Jan 24, 2020 Shop
15 Nail Cuticle Tattoos That Prove Tiny Ink Can Still Have a Lot of Style
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cuticle tattoos

Tattoos, no matter where they are put on the body, are a lifetime commitment. But putting anything on the fingers and hands is real dedication. Not only are hands visible nearly 24/7, they need a lot of upkeep. Because hands are constantly exposed to the elements, it can be hard to keep a tattoo there fresh. Often finger tattoos "fall out" or even worse can get blown out because of the type of skin.

So when a cuticle tattoo is spotted and it actually looks good, that is a pretty big feat. It takes a skilled artist to work with such a small canvas, and do so in a way that looks clean, detailed and ultimately striking. Cuticle tattoos started becoming widely popular right around when manicures were being taken to the next level. After all, what funky nail design doesn't look cool when paired with a cool cuticle tattoo?

With cuticle tattoos, there are a few styles to choose from. Each finger could have the same design, or one may elect to adorn them all with different markings. Some choose ornate designs, while others pick to highly a singular piece on a singular finger. There is no right or wrong way to rock a cuticle tattoo, so we pulled together 15 cool designs to lend a little inspiration for anyone considering making an appointment. 

  • Witchy Woman


    To the passerby, these cuticle tattoos look like a random selection of shapes. But to the keen eye, these "shapes" are strategic symbolism in witchcraft. The various shapes represent the elements: earth, air, water, and more!

  • Shapes & Dots


    Each finger has its own stylized cuticle tattoo and we are here for it. Much like switching it up on each finger for a manicure, going with different designs draws attention to each individual tattoo, and works cohesively together to create a truly stunning look.

  • Singular Cross


    What makes this bold tattoo a particularly edgy choice is the placement of the cross. To an onlooker, it looks like the typical Christian cross seen in religious iconography. However, to the tattooed person, it'd be an inverted cross representing Satanic iconography. The duality accomplished in such a simple tattoo is pretty impressive. 

  • In Love

    heart cuticle tattoo

    Sweet and simple tattoos are never a bad decision. For this cuticle tattoo, a clean, red outlined heart works for someone who likes to keep love on the tips of the fingers. In fact, it is so cute, we suspect a lot of people are going to nab this sweet idea. 

  • Triangles


    These triangle cuticle tattoos are a fabulous combination of bold and simple. We love how the person chose to place on their prominent fingers, and went for something slightly bigger. It could be easily recreated filled in or outlined only. 

  • Finger Webs


    For those embracing the goth glam lifestyle, this little spiderwebs will definitely catch a few eyes. We love the asymmetrical placement and that the tattooed person chose to do accent fingers rather than every single finger.  

  • Gamer Tattoos


    Anyone who lives to game will recognize these shapes immediately. They often appear on game controllers so they are perfect for anyone truly committed to being a gamer. It's not at all subtle, and that's what makes it so cool!

  • 'Secret' Message


    At first glance, these hearts, dots, and dashes may just look like cute designs, but they actually mean something. According to the tattoo owner's Instagram, these symbols mean "tea time" in Braille. What a cute way to pay homage to something personal!

  • Tiny Accessories


    For heavily tattooed hands, these little cuticle tattoos are like adding tiny accessories. They totally make the existing tattoo pop, but would look great on a hand with fewer tattoos, too.

  • Sweet & Simple


    The reality is all finger and hand tattoos are prone to fading. For anyone concerned about not going back for touch-ups, these simple and sweet designs are almost non-committal and definitely won't go out of style. 

  • Cultural Tattoos


    Ornate and detailed, these mehndi adjacent tattoos are perfect for anyone who wants to add a lot of pizzazz to their nail bed. We love the intricate details that make tattoos like this so special. 

  • Hand Lines 


    The cool thing about linework is that in its simplicity there, is a lot of beauty. This design is somehow subtle, even though the overall look of this set is more bold.

  • Coordinated Pieces

    tattoos on fingers.

    This crafty cuticle design seamlessly flows into the finger tattoo designs. Despite there being a lot of elements to this overall hand tattoo, they are delicate and clean, making for a really beautiful presentation. 

  • Paw Print 


    These handpoked paw print tattoos are so cute for any animal lover. We especially love the negative space one, it adds a whole other level of dimension to these already interesting cuticle tattoos. 

  • Little Finger Tattoos


    These simple linework tattoos are adorable and we especially love the cuticle tattoos. Her artist did an incredible job of creating clean lines so the details can be fully enjoyed. 

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