There's a Candle That Smells Like Freshly Signed Divorce Papers & We're All for It


divorce candle

When you finally decide that divorce is the solution you need for everything that has gone wrong, those signed divorce papers cannot get here fast enough. But, despite that, it can still take ages. And those "ages" are stressful, disappointing, and loaded with friction.

There are some crafty types on Etsy who feel this pain and have turned it into tangible objects you can have right now. Get one for someone you know who is going through this. Get one for yourself. This purchase is between you and your mouse. You don't have to get anyone to agree to anything. Just buy.

  • What do divorce papers smell like when signed?

    How do signed divorce papers smell? Bittersweet. That's how.

    But until you -- or your recipient -- have those in hand, you can light this candle, which smells exactly how you want it to smell. 

    You pick from a long list of scents to customize how you want your divorce papers to smell. Then light this candle ($13.50) and enjoy. 

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  • Your divorced friend wants support right now. Give this candle.

    Divorce is an agonizing decision, especially if there are kids involved. You know what helps? Friends who agree with that decision and aren't afraid to say so. She is surrounded by people who don't get it. You do. Give her this message candle ($18) so she can light it as a reminder, even when she's home alone.

    You pick the size of the candle and the scent. The message stays the same.

  • Light this to get the smell of him out of the house.

    The day is finally here! Help her celebrate with a gift that helps get the bad feelings out of the house. There's no more deciding, waiting, arguing, or any of it. He's right out of there. And you know what else is gone? All the smells he made -- good and bad. Help her change the air with this "Happy Divorce Day" ($12.29) scented candle. You choose the scent for her. Whatever you choose, it will be better than the aroma of "Ex Husband" that might be still lingering about.

  • Right outta here

    All that promise of Happily Ever After turned sour. Then it turned into a nightmare. Then it turned into a hassle to get out of. So when all is said and done, a gift is in order.

    Choose a scent, wrap it up. Give it. No matter what scent you choose, it will smell like freedom.

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