Baby Yoda Valentine's Day Cards Are Stealing Hearts


The astonishing cuteness of Baby Yoda has swept through the universe, inciting awwws and ohhhs at every turn. Capitalize on this by love-bombing all your people with cute Baby Yoda Valentine's Day cards.

They are sweet, nontoxic, and lovable. Perfect for kids' valentines because they don't attempt to force kids into thinking about romance, and no one can resist the force of Baby Yoda's cuteness!

We found the best and cutest so you can click and shop.

  • Baby talk and a Baby Yoda? That's a win!

    Is there a child alive who would not live entirely on chicken nuggets if only the kiddo's parents would back down on the healthy choices? There is, probably, one. But that one is not -- apparently -- Baby Yoda. To be loved more than this favorite of foods is a big deal. Put that on a card and send it!

    Oh, we found one that already has that on it. Here it is ($5.33).

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  • Handmade Baby Yoda? Best!

    A handmade Baby Yoda card would be a great Valentine's gift, right? And you don't even have to get crafty to have that because this 3D Baby Yoda card is so cute it would be hard to replicate. And it's at Etsy for $6.99. Just do this!

  • Yoda is the only one ...

    Baby talking Baby Yoda. Too much. Can't breathe! This is the cutest, cutesy Yoda card you are likely to find. Yoda already talks backward. But Baby Yoda talking backward is more than anyone can stand. There are two options available on this card, and they are each $5.58 at Etsy.

  • Baby Yoda for school valentines.

    You could buy one of those sacks of cheap Valentine's Day cards for the school card swap. Or you could buy a PDF of this crazy cute Baby Yoda card ($3.25) and print it on your own card stock. 

    (You can also opt to have a printed card sent to you.)

    Your cards will win the day, and you don't even have to leave the house to accomplish this feat.

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