20 Cheesy T-Shirts Dads Will Love

Mandy Velez | Jan 24, 2020 Shop
20 Cheesy T-Shirts Dads Will Love
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Star Wars Dad T-Shirt
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February is a month of love for people who have partners, but it can be a time to show love to family, too. And what better family member to show Valentine’s love to than dads? Of course, dads can get love all year, not just on holidays. There are birthdays and a bunch of other events that’ll give their loved ones an excuse to give to them and we thought we can make that process easier. Two words: cheesy T-shirts. Of course not all dads love T-shirts and not all dads are cheesy. But for those who are, they will never not love a new T-shirt. T-shirts are comfortable and make the perfect partner with jeans. Ones that have funny things on them also show some personality. It’s a win-win.

These cheesy tees are for all kinds of dads. From the dads who make us laugh and the dads really into puns or “dad jokes,” there’s a style here for all of them. Another perk of T-shirts? They’re affordable. They don’t require too much effort, just a little thought. Other, bigger gifts can be saved for Father’s Day, but don’t worry, we have time before that rolls around! In the meantime, a T-shirt will do and get their wardrobe in check before spring. It may seem cold and far away now, but soon enough it’ll be T-shirt weather and dads who get one of these will be happy. Happy that someone gave him the perfect T-shirt. And isn’t that what the real gift is? Seeing dad smile? We think so.

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  • Super Dad


    Dads who do it all can feel like superheroes, so why not let them know it? They'll feel out of this world with this SuperDad tee. He doesn't even need a costume!

    Super Dad ($20, TeePublic)

  • Dad Tattoo


    Popular culture sees a lot of those traditional mom tattoos that are usually inked on buff men.  But all a dad needs for this is a dad bod. This dad tattoo shirt is a funny take on all of that.

    Dad Tattoo ($20, TeePublic)

  • Come to the Dad Side


    Lots of dads love Star Wars, and now they can have a punny T-shirt that proves it. This one says, "Come to the dad side," because yeah. The dad jokes.

    Come to the Dad Side ($20, TeePublic)

  • I'm a Jeep Dad


    Why does it seem like 80% of dads own Jeeps? And not only do they have Jeeps, but they really, really love them. If the dad who is getting a gift has one, this is the perfect T-shirt for him. 

    I'm a Jeep Dad ($20, TeePublic)

  • Dad Jokes? I Think You Mean Rad Jokes


    This is the embodiment of all things dad jokes. It's so lame that it could be funny. Maybe his jokes really are rad? At least to him! And he won't let anyone forget it with this not-so-subtle tee.

    Dad Jokes? I Think You Mean Rad Jokes ($18, InspirationsByAmelia/Etsy)

  • World's Okayest Dad


    Honesty is a quality all parents should have (in moderation). This shirt does that super well as it touts the dad wearing it as being the "okayest." 

    World's Okayest Dad T-Shirt ($20, TeePublic)

  • Worlds Greatest Farter I Mean Father


    Listen, everybody farts and dads are part of the people who do. If they're proud of this fact, why not get them a shirt that proves it? Also, there's a pun, because dads.

    Worlds Greatest Fater I Mean Father ($20, TeePublic)

  • Daddy Shark Doo Doo Doo


    It's hard to have missed the viral shark song sensation "Baby Shark." This is especially true if he is a dad to a toddler. Daddy Shark was a part of that, so why not give dad a T-shirt that names him properly?

    Daddy Shark Doo Doo Doo ($20, Amazon)

  • This Is Not a Dad Bod, I Prefer Father Figure


    Thanks to the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio and other dad bod celebrants, dad bods are now in the cultural canon. For a funny twist, this shirt enters "father figure" into the mix.

    This Is Not a Dad Bod I Prefer Father Figure ($20, TeePublic)

  • Full Pint (& Half Pint)


    This matching set of a tee and a onesie is great for dads of babies who also enjoy a good drink. And could it possibly get any more punny than this? He's the full pint and little one is the half. 

    Full Pint (and Half Pint) ($46, zoeysattic/Etsy)

  • I'm a Dope Dad!


    For any dad who isn't a regular dad but a cool dad, this shirt is for him. Dads can be dope, the vernacular for cool that the kids say these days. Now it can be on a T-shirt for those dads.

    I'm a Dope Dad! ($20, TeePublic)

  • Girl Dad


    T-shirts that market "girl mom" and "boy mom" to mothers are so in demand. Dads deserve to show off the love for his kids, too, and this Girl Dad tee gets the job done.

    Girl Dad ($21, SuperCoolTShirts/Etsy)

  • Dad Jokes Are Soda Funny


    We think any dad within a 15 mile radius of this T-shirt will fall down laughing over this cheesy pun. This is honestly one of our favorite dad puns so far. "Dad jokes are soda funny." Bonus points if he really does like soda.

    Dad Jokes are Soda Funny ($20, TeePublic)

  • Dad Battery


    This one is for the dads who always seem to have a low battery. Whether he's always tired or always napping, it's a funny way to joke about it.

    Dad Battery ($15, CrazyDogTshirts/Etsy)

  • Best Papa By Par


    Instead of boring golf shirts for dads who love this sport, there's this punny one! It says "Best Papa by Par" and it'll let everyone off the green know that dad has got some serious swing game. 

    Best Papa By Par ($20, TeePublic)

  • Top Dad


    Top Gun is a cool, dad kind of movie. Why not make him into a Top Dad? It has the same logo as the iconic film, making the design a pun in and of itself. 

    Top Dad ($20, TeePublic)

  • Chillin & Grillin BBQ Dad


    Spring and summer are right around the corner, which means dads will soon be dusting off the grills. He'll love rocking this T-shirt as he works his magic on the grill. 

    Chillin and Grillin BBQ Dad ($15, CrazyDogTshirts/Etsy)

  • Omelette That Slide


    Another day, another T-shirt that doubles as a funny dad joke. This one also features artwork of an omelette. 

    Omelette That Slide ($6, 6Dollar Shirts)

  • I Want to Embarrass My Kids


    Dads usually just tell it to their kids straight and this tee is no different. For dads who value honesty above all else, this is the one.

    Drink Beer Embarrass Kids and Sleep ($20, TeePublic)

  • I Like Coffee & Maybe 3 People


    Another brutally honest shirt, but for the anti-social pops out there. And ones who drink coffee. We're pretty sure some moms will be able to relate to this sentiment, too. 

    I Like Coffee And Maybe 3 People ($24, Chummy Tees)

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