Yes, There's a Valentine's 'You'-Inspired Onesie for Joe Goldberg-Obsessed Moms



Is your guilty secret an obsession with a (stunningly handsome and deliciously charming) sociopath who spends his life murdering and destroying the lives of everyone he gets to know? How did you get here?

We see you, you You-obsessed Netflix fan. And we raise you this opportunity to dress your baby (or yourself and your spouse) in this dark You obsession in order to identify all the other You-obsessed people in your life.

The ones who watch will laugh and know who you are. Everyone else will just think it's cute.

Why not? You have to get your fun where you can find it, right?

  • Hey You! Be Mine!

    This looks so terribly innocent and cute on a that adorable baby. Strangers and non-initiates will coo. Everyone else will want to know what you thought about that episode. Enjoy your trip to the supermarket. Make some new You-obsessed friends. It's not dressing your baby to advertise a serial killer. It's all in good fun.

    This "Be Mine" onesie is $18 at Etsy.

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  • 'I Wolf You'

    But what are you going to wear? The baby has a You onesie. You need something so you can dress yourselves in dark mommy and me outfits, right?

    Here you go: This "I Wolf You" ($16.97) tee, which will make perfect sense to anyone who watched season two of You.

  • 'I would do anything for YOU'

    He's charming. You fell for him. So he's a little untrustworthy? You've always had a thing for "bad boys," right?

    Plus, luckily for you, he's completely fictional. And you are not alone. You'll see how many people have fallen for him when you wear this "I would do anything for YOU" T-shirt ($26) out in public.

  • Joe's hit list

    You are so cool you don't even feel the need to identify, for nonbelievers, what this shirt is about. They will know You (or not). And then you will know them.

    Is this really a serial killer's hit list printed on a T-shirt ($21.25)? You have to watch You to know the answer to that. 

  • Crazy About You!

    You two will be adorable in these his and hers, double-meaning "crazy" about You ($20.97) T-shirts! Hopefully your relationship is a little healthier than those portrayed in the show. But Love is an obsession, right? 

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