20 Gifts Single Moms Should Gift Herself This Valentine's Day

Mandy Velez | Jan 21, 2020 Shop
20 Gifts Single Moms Should Gift Herself This Valentine's Day
Image: Ivan Bajic/iStock

Ivan Bajic/iStock

Single moms are often treated as golden unicorns, but as many know, they're totally not alone. Tons of women are single mothers for many reasons, even celebrities are single parents, and they're killing it. That said, it doesn't mean that it isn't hard. It's the same thing as one person doing the job that's made easier with two people. Yes, it's doable, and done incredibly well, but it could be easier. That said, these moms make do. And they deserve to be recognized for it. Actually not only do they deserve to be recognized, but they deserve to treat themselves to awesome things. What better time to do it than Valentine's Day?

Valentine's Day doesn't have to just include partnered people. It's a day to show love and treat everyone with love, including oneself. Single moms put a lot of pressure on themselves and help everyone else. At least on this day, they should love on themselves. Busy moms and single moms are basically the same, so while we have a gift guide for super scheduled mamas, we figured it's time we help single moms help themselves out. 

So what would a single mom want? She should just ask herself. It's a foreign concept, we know, so we made it easier by thinking about some products she might find useful. We have beauty items, food (because yum!), wine and lots of snugly things. They're items that aren't too expensive but can make a positive difference after a long day or tiring week. So treat yo'self, mama. This holiday is for the single ladies out there, too. Moms, included.

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  • Gemstone Facial Rollers


    Facial rollers help get the blood circulating in the skin and liven things up. Plus, it just feels great. Single moms can roll after a long day. 

    Gemstone Facial Rollers ($28, Uncommon Goods)

  • Mindful Breathing Necklace


    Apple watches have a feature reminding people to breathe, but this breathing necklace helps people take the time to do it right. Mindful breathing is a simple way to reduce stress. 

    Mindful Breathing Necklace ($105, Uncommon Goods)

  • Unwind Lavender Gift Set

    Speaking of calming, lavender is said to be a calming scent, which is why it's incorporated into essential oils and candles. And that's why this lavender kit is amazing. It comes with a kit to grow a lavender plant, plus sleep mask and scents. 

    Unwind Lavender Gift Set ($50, Uncommon Goods)

  • Ballerina Herbal Warming Slippers


    Nothing beats cozy, warm feet. These ballerina-style slippers will make mama feel at home and her feet will feel so pampered. Stick them in the fridge in the summer for a cooling effect.

    Ballerina Herbal Warming Slippers ($48, Uncommon Goods)

  • Bathtub Wine Holder


    Wine can now be enjoyed anywhere, thanks to this bath time wine holder. It's like two gifts in one: the gift of wine and the gift of a bath at the same time.

    Bathtime Essentials Wine Holder ($38, Uncommon Goods)

  • Single Mom Sleep Is for the Weak Mug


    Mugs are for coffee, which single moms certainly can find useful. Why not have one that says the absolute truth: Sleep is for the weak.

    Single Mom Sleep Is For The Weak Mug ($12, GummaStuff/Etsy)

  • Strong Single Mom T-Shirt


    Strong single moms (so, all of them) should honestly shout it from the rooftops. If that's not an option, this chic, minimalist T-shirt will do.

    Strong Single Mom T-Shirt ($24, LittleMamaShirtShop/Etsy)

  • Champagne Bottles Throw Pillow


    Decorating can still be fun for single moms, despite the kids taking over. They're still the amazing women they were before and it can show through with a fun throw pillow like this one from Society6.

    Champagne Bottles Throw Pillow ($30, Society6)

  • Body Pillow


    Being a single parent means either the kids are in the bed, too, or there's tons of space for her to spread out. Make the most of it with a body pillow.

    Body Pillow ($34, Wayfair)

  • Ugg Classic Sherpa Throw Blanket


    There's nothing more comforting than snuggling up with a blanket. Plus, it can also be a cute decorative couch throw.

    UGG Classic Sherpa Throw Blanket in Ceramic ($50, Bed Bath & Beyond)

  • Winc Wine Subscription


    Never run out of wine with a wine subscription. Winc has a test to take to make sure it matches customers with their favorite flavors of wines, from white to red to rose.

    Winc Wine Subscription (new member) ($38, Winc)

  • Movie Tickets

    Movie Tickets

    Whether it's with friends or solo, going to the movies is a great way to get a moment to oneself. Plus, there are snacks! And quiet, something that moms can be appreciate.

    Movie Tickets (Fandango)

  • Flower Subscription


    Mom doesn't need someone to send her flowers! Woman power! Get favorite flowers delivered regularly with a subscription from The Bouqs Co. Pick from a bunch of different styles.

    Flower Subscription (from $36, The Bouqs Co.)

  • Super-Plush Robe


    Keep warm after a shower or in the morning with the comfiest of robes. It'll make hurrying the kids to get ready a bit more bearable.

    Super-Plush Robe ($88, Brooklinen)

  • Homesick Candle


    Homesick candles are one of the best-smelling candles around and yes, we tried them! The cool thing about these as well is that they come with custom scents named after home states.

    Homesick Candle ($30, Homesick)

  • Chocolates

    Harry & David
    istock/Ivan Bajic

    Chocolates are always a good idea, especially around Valentine's Day. Send oneself a box like these truffles from Harry & David.

    Truffle Chocolates ($35, Harry & David)

  • Reknit Glove Boot


    Moms can be fashionistas and they certainly need a go-to sexy pair of boots when they have girls' nights or dates. These Everlane ones are a "knit" style and come in cream as well as classic and fun colors.

    Reknit Glove Boot ($155, Everlane)

  • ClassPass Subscription


    Working out is often hard to fit into a busy schedule, especially as a single parent, but ClassPass makes it easy to drop in on classes anywhere. And at any time that works for mom.

    ClassPass Monthly Fitness Membership Subscription (from $19, ClassPass)

  • Origins Original Skin Retexturizing Mask With Rose Clay


    The face goes through a lot, between dealing with kiddos, co-workers, and workouts, but masks can give it the refresh it needs. Glow up, mama.

    Origins Original Skin Retexturizing Mask with Rose Clay ($26, Ulta)

  • Moms' Night Out (Or Date Night)

    Mom's Night Out (Or Date Night)

    Last, but perhaps most importantly, single moms should give themselves the gift of having fun and having non-kid time to themselves. Maybe even with other adults.

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