19 Kids' T-Shirts That'll Make Parents Giggle

Mandy Velez | Jan 21, 2020 Shop
19 Kids' T-Shirts That'll Make Parents Giggle
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ling king kids shirt

Life has many constants. Births, deaths, learning, loving, eating, and more. Another thing that's constant? Kids constantly needing new clothes. And not just that, but it's also pretty constant to see kids' clothes that say kid things. Some of the T-shirts for kids are random, some include shapes or animals, while others include sayings. Thankfully, more brands are moving away from extremely gendered clothes and toys. Because girls can wear T-shirts about math and maybe some boys like unicorns. And here's more good news: Some children's T-shirts are actually kinda made for parents. OK, they're not physically made for parents, but the funny or cute sayings on them are ones that parents, or adults in general, can appreciate.

Baby onesies have hilarious sayings, too, but it's time we brought the humor to the bigger kids. And here's the thing: Funny T-shirts for kids that are actually funny to adults don't have to be raunchy or use cuss words. They can just be a play on the kids' world and parents. Take for instance our first item below, the Notorious P.I.G. shirt. It's a play on the Ruth Bader Ginsburg moniker or Biggie Smalls. Either way, it'll make adults smile. If parents are going to spend money on their children's clothing, they might as well enjoy some of them. Plus it's always fun to see other people react to the funny sayings. Even if parents don't get these for their kids, there's someone in their life who will. These T-shirts will make great gifts from aunts and uncles. Even grandpas and grandmas. What we're trying to say is the next time it's time to get more shirts for the kid (hey, spring is coming and they grow faster than the weeds do) these T-shirts will get the job done.

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  • Notorious Peppa Pig


    Peppa Pig is as big of a deal as SCOTUS Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg, also known as the Notorious RBG. For kids, that would be the notorious P.I.G.

    Notorious Peppa Pig ($18, TeePublic

  • Pearl & Jam Start a Band


    Parents who love rock will appreciate this kids' T-shirt playing on Pearl Jam with an actual pearl and jam. They should start a band!

    Pearl and Jam Start a Band ($18, TeePublic)

  • Your Aunt vs My Aunt Unicorn


    Aunties can get clothes for kids, and they can certainly be funny. This one compares an average unicorn to an amazing, fabulous one.

    Your Aunt vs My Aunt Unicorn ($18, Tee Public)

  • Harry Potter Alphabet


    More parents these days are of the Harry Potter-loving generation. This T-shirt with the Harry Potter Alphabet will make them smile.

    Harry Potter Alphabet ($18, Tee Public)

  • How To Pick Up Chicks


    Why have a misogynist saying on a kid's T-shirt when it can make fun of it? And take a pun seriously, like this "pick up chicks" shirt does.

    How to Pick Up Chicks ($18, Tee Public)

  • Just a Girl Who Loves Avocado


    This one will make the avocado lovers smile because they could likely sport a T-shirt like this themselves. Kids can like guac, too, right?

    Just a Girl Who Loves Avocado ($18, Tee Public)

  • Naps & Pizza


    Simple and to the point: naps and pizza are somehow relatable to children and adults alike. Parents and non-parents alike will understand.

    Naps & Pizza ($18, Tee Public)

  • Ghost of Disapproval


    This ghost giving a thumb-down symbol and saying "boo" is so simple but pretty hilarious to us. It beats a child's shirt with boring other things on it. 

    Ghost Of Disapproval ($16, Red Bubble)

  • Dabbing Unicorn Shirt


    Dabbing became popular thanks to Cam Newton on the Carolina Panthers NFL team, but now even unicorns can do it. Boom, it's now kid-appropriate.

    Dabbing Unicorn Shirt ($19, Red Bubble)

  • Oh for Fox Sake


    The potty-mouth parents of the bunch will get a kick out of this T-shirt. It looks like a typical cute animal shirt for kids, but it says "Oh For Fox Sake." We can't help but laugh.

    Oh For Fox Sake ($17, Red Bubble)

  • 'The Lion King'


    The Lion King is beloved to many parents, and thanks to the adaptation, it's popular among the young generation, too. The African beginning of the iconic song spelled on a T-shirt is pretty funny.

    The Lion King ($18, Red Bubble)

  • Chuckie 'Rugrats' Planet T-Shirt


    This may look like a plain T-shirt to children and most adults, but parents, specifically millennial parents, will know. It's a nod to the shirt Chuckie wore on the '90s kid show Rugrats

    Chuckie Rugrats Planet T-Shirt ($18, Red Bubble)

  • Hedgehogs Can't Share


    Punny parents will enjoy this wholesome hedgehog joke tee. Technically, they have the word "hog" in their names. Why can't they share?

    Hedgehogs Can't Share ($20, Snorg Tees)

  • Guess What? Chicken Butt


    What is literally the oldest joke of all time is now available in kid-size T-shirts. It doesn't say the b-word, but it's funnier with the photo. 

    Guess What? Chicken Butt ($6, 6DollarShirts)

  • BB8 That's How I Roll


    Star Wars fans will get a kick out of this BB8 "That's How I Roll" onesie or T-shirt for the little ones. Yes, in addition to T-shirts, the Etsy store also sells T-shirts in various sizes.

    BB8 Thats How I Roll ($24, TeeFactoryCo/Etsy)

  • Stop Calling My Mom!! I'm Trying To Watch YouTube


    Now that it's 2020, more kids play on their parents' phones and also hang up on anyone who dares interrupt their YouTube watching. Parents will laugh seeing this T-shirt.

    Stop Calling My Mom!! Im Trying To Watch YouTube ($17, KimballKreations/Etsy)

  • Naps Just Snooze It Shirt


    This tee is a play on the Nike brand and saying "Just Do It." People will do a double-take when they see what it actually says, "Just Snooze It" which is honestly more relatable. 

    Naps Just Snooze It Shirt ($16, HipstaTees4kids/Etsy)

  • Mama Don't Play-Doh


    Mamas don't play, though. And mamas don't Play-Doh. Same thing. Tough mamas will love this one.

    Mama Don't Play-Doh ($15, AmeriTrendsCo/Etsy)

  • Can't We All Just Get Along?


    Maybe this T-shirt will bring more peace to the world? At the least, it'll bring more chuckles.

    Rock Paper Scissors -- Can't We All Just Get Along? ($25, CafePress)

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