20 Quirky Things No One Needs, But Probably Wants

Mandy Velez | Jan 21, 2020 Shop
20 Quirky Things No One Needs, But Probably Wants
Image: Uncommon Goods

Uncommon Goods

It may seem that the season of giving ended with the holiday season, but that isn't the case. Sure, there's a quiet period for the month of January but then February comes out of nowhere and brings Valentine's Day with it. Of course, there are a million reasons to treat oneself to cool products, but whether it's for oneself or someone else, we found some products that are a little outside the box. In the same way some gifts are specifically for stay-at-home moms to enjoy, these are gifts for folks who seem to have everything -- or think they do. These are gifts that almost anyone will appreciate, from pregnant women to mamas. No one likely seeks them out on their own, maybe because it's not obvious these gifts exist, but everyone can use them in some way. If little kids can be weird, why can't parents?  

Because we need to buy for birthdays and other occasions all year, it can get hard to think of something new to buy. Here, we've dug up items from Uncommon Goods that seem either weird or unnecessary, but in reality, they're the gifts people will likely appreciate the most. We're talking kits for people to make hot sauce at home, personalized cutting boards, and yarn bowls. Or, for those who love food, we've got a mochi ice cream kit. And also a travel cord organizer, which is an amazing thing to have when all those cords just won't stop tangling during travel. We also love the easy-to-spread butter knife when the butter is just too hard to spread on its own. See? These things are totally random, but 100% useful. Whether it's for Valentine's Day or a birthday, there's no shame in switching things up.

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  • Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit


    This make your own hot sauce kit is a dream come true for hot sauce lovers. This will really bring the heat for a special meal or party.

    Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit ($35

  • DIY Mochi Ice Cream Kit


    If the last kit was a little too hot this is the perfect DIY kit to cool down with. Homemade ice cream sounds like money well spent.

    DIY Mochi Ice Cream Kit ($30

  • Compact Swivel Cheese Board with Knives


    This cheese board is excellent for hosting and it is also compact for easy storage. This one gives plenty of room and options to build an incredible charcuterie platter. 

    Compact Swivel Cheese Board with Knives ($42

  • Tea Drop Sampler


    Nothing is better than curling up in a warm blanket with a hot cup of tea. This sampler comes with five flavors of tea drops that one simply drops into hot water for delicious tea.

    Tea Drop Sampler ($34

  • Long Distance Friendship Lamp


    These long-distance lamps are a subtle and thoughtful way of letting someone special know that they are on one's mind by lighting up when touched. These lamps also have excellent reviews from almost 1,000 customers.

    Long Distance Friendship Lamps (set of 2) ($170

  • Wine Soaps


    True wine lovers can practically smell these through the screen. This soap is absolutely perfect for relaxation, just a different kind of bubble. 

    Wine Soaps (set of 4) ($30

  • Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses


    These are hand-carved salt glasses made for tequila. These are the perfect shot glasses to really get a party going.

    Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses (set of 4) ($28

  • Wine Cork States


    This wall piece is available in the shape of any state and is the definition of quirky but cool. The real question is how quickly will it get filled up? 

    Wine Cork States ($35

  • Handblown Glass Olive Oil Pourer


    These hand-blown pourers look absolutely beautiful and would fit well in many kitchens. They stand out in all the best ways and each is unique because they're hand-blown.

    Handblown Glass Olive Oil Pourer ($42

  • Travel Cord Roll


    Traveling with a bunch of cords can be an absolute nightmare. This cord roll takes all those problems away by keeping all the cords organized and untangled.

    Travel Cord Roll ($20

  • Personalized Cutting Board


    This cutting board is absolutely adorable. It may not be a necessity to have names carved in it, but sometimes we have to ask why not?

    Personalized Cutting Board ($159

  • Fondue for Two


    Fondue is absolutely delicious, and this is a cute idea for an at-home date night. This costs way less than a dinner for two would.

    Fondue for Two ($30)

  • Dawn Redwood Bonsai Forest Kit


    This is a lovely piece to add to a home for those who see beauty in nature. There is a real excitement in taking care of a plant and watching it grow from a seed into something beautiful. It's not a typical plant either, which is exciting. 

    Dawn Redwood Bonsai Forest Kit ($50

  • Easy Spread Butter Knife


    Struggling with spreading butter is a real problem if the butter is too cold. This easy spread butter knife is just flat-out useful.

    Easy Spread Butter Knife ($20

  • Wooden States of America Magnetic Key Holders


    Who needs hooks when there are magnets? This key holder is quirky, useful, and comes in the shape of every state. Never forget where the keys are again.

    Wooden States of America Magnetic Key Holders ($44

  • Cat Scratch Bookends


    These cat scratch bookends are made for cat lovers everywhere. They hold books in place and add quirky character to a bookshelf. 

    Cat Scratch Bookends ($65

  • Quail Set Garden Sculpture


    This adorable garden set is cute and quirky! These garden pieces are individually cut and are an adorable representation of family. 

    Quail Set Garden Sculpture ($45

  • Poetry Match Striker


    Traditional disposable match boxes are not exactly pretty to look at. This attractive match jar and striker is a cute piece to add by the fireplace.

    Poetry Match Striker ($25

  • Sherman the Sheep Yarn Bowl


    This yarn bowl is absolutely adorable. It helps make knitting easier and means the project will look neater while it's in progress.

    Sherman the Sheep Yarn Bowl ($58

  • Backyard Bat Hanging Sculptures


    These beautiful bat sculptures are handcrafted from copper. They'll add some charm and a quirky feel to an unconventional backyard.

    Backyard Bat Hanging Sculptures ($55)

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