20 Most Popular Baby Names in Texas

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20 Most Popular Baby Names in Texas
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Just like music and fashion, baby names go through trendy periods. They go from being at the top of everyone's baby name list to the bottom and back up again, which ends up unconsciously setting the tone for an entire generation. Although there are trends at large in the US, an interesting consideration is that names can actually vary from state to state, and that says a lot about the various cultures across the country.

To look at this a little further, and provide parents-to-be with a little inspiration. we decided to start by taking a look at the most popular names in the biggest state of all: Texas. Because everything is bigger in Texas, there is a larger pool of name potential, and what we found was pretty consistent. When it comes to little boys, Texans have two sources of inspiration: religion and strength. For little girls, all of the classics made an appearance. 

We took a look at 100 most frequent given names for male and female births in 2018 in Texas, according to the offices of Social Security. In this list, we rounded up the top 10 names for each and pulled together something we think the great state of Texas would be proud of. Whether parents are transplants to Texas, from Texas, or just have a love of Southern living, here are the top names coming out of the Lone Star state!


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    Coming in at number 10 for the top boy's names, Alexander is a familiar classic in Texas. Overall, the name rocketed to popularity around 2012, but perhaps its staying power has to to with its variable nicknames. Alex, Xander, and Lex are just a few options for the boys blessed with this name in the Lone Star state. Its meaning, “defender or helper of mankind,” is especially poignant and hopeful during these tumultuous times.



    Evelyn, though technically a unisex name, is the 10th most popular girl's name in Texas. This elegant and classic moniker peaked in the 1910s, but has crept up in popularity since the early 2000s. Nicknames for Evelyn can include Eve, Evvy, Lyn, or even Evie, all of which have a gorgeous old-world charm. 


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    Millennial parents growing up had at least one Matthew in their classroom, as the name skyrocketed to popularity in the 1980s. It fell pretty low in popularity during the early 2000's, but crept back up to the top of the name lists in 2012. Matthew is a name that is rather biblical and means "gift of God." 



    The name Victoria topped '90s baby name lists, likely for its stunning and strong meaning of "victory." Since its rise to popularity there have been a few dips, but in Texas it's the eighth most popular girl's name given to little ones. Victoria is a name regaled often as "classy" or "regal," which one can never go wrong with. For parents on the fence, it has a ton of modern nickname potential including Ria, Tori, or simply Vee.


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    Ethan is the eighth most popular boy's name in Texas and began its rise in popularity super recently -- as early as 2005. Don't let the modern rise be taken for granted: Ethan is actually a biblical name that means "strength, firmness, and long-lived." It's definitely a strong-sounding name and will hold up for years.



    It's an unusual spelling, but Sofia is slowly climbing the charts as a popular girl's name. Sofia is directly derived from Sophia, meaning "wisdom, skill," and dates back to the 17th century. There aren't a ton of nicknames that are unique, but Fi is one that particularly stands out. 


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    One thing is for certain: Texans love a good, strong name for a boy, and Jacob delivers on that entirely. Meaning "seizing by the heel, supplanting," Jacob is yet another biblical name that didn't truly gain popularity until much later. Jake serves as a solid nickname that sounds equally powerful.

  • AVA


    The name Ava is a bit of a mystery, which is probably why it is so alluring. Thought to derive from the Germanic Aveza or Avia, neither Ava itself (nor its rooted names) have any real meaning. That hasn't stopped it from rising in popularity. Although texans are super loving it, overall the name has really topped charts since 2007 and seems to show no signs of slowing down.


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    Daniel is an old name that just never seems to get, well, old. The biblical name means "God is my judge," so it is perfect for anyone who is deeply religious. If religion isn't a factor, fret not; there are tons of reasons Texans are going with this name, such as for its timelessness.



    Texas is a culturally rich state, and has a lot of Hispanic residents. It's no surprise a beautiful name like Camila is atop the name list. Meaning "virgin of unblemished character," this name is perfect for parents to bestow on a baby girl they already think the world of. Mila and Cammie are two adorable nickname options for this gorgeous full name.



    In Texas, Elijah made it into the top five most chosen names for baby boys. Perhaps that is because it is a classic, soulful name that really feels like a moniker with character. It got its start in biblical times, but began peaking in popularity around 2011.



    The formal spelling of Sophia made it into the top five names for girls born in Texas. It is a more familiar way of spelling the name, and rose in popularity fairly recently -- though it does date back to the 17th century.



    Mateo is a popular Spanish spelling for the name Matthew, and means "gift of God." Mateo is beautifully cultural and perfect for anyone who celebrates their Hispanic heritage. It also has adorable nickname potential, Teo being our favorite.

  • MIA


    The shortened version of Maria (particularly for Danish and Swedish people), Mia is short and sweet name with a lot of pull in Texas. Mia began really gaining traction in 2012, and has been a very popular name ever since. 



    Sebastian is without a doubt one of the most elegant names on the list. We love that elegance doesn't compromise strength with this unique name. Seb, Bastian, and Bash are some of the fun nicknames that accompany this name, and we love it.


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    Texans evidently love this name, as it is the third most popular for baby girls. Olivia is an extension of Olive, and evidently made its first appearance thanks to Shakespeare, because he made it the name of the heiress in the play Twelfth Night. Ollie, Liv, and Lia are some of the nicknames given to girls with the name Olivia, and while they are all great, we love how this name sounds on its own.

  • NOAH


    Though technically a unisex name, Noah is the second most chosen name for little boys in Texas. In Hebrew, Noah means "rest, comfort," and comes off with its own aura of calmness. Noah's peak hit in 2012, and it shows no signs of slowing down in Texas or across the US.



    The Spanish version of Elizabeth, Isabella means "God is my oath." Admittedly, the Twilight series likely contributed to the rise in Isabella's popularity, but don't let that deter you. It is a fluid, beautiful name with nickname potential that reaches from feminine (Bella) to edgy (Izzy).

  • LIAM


    The top boy name in Texas (and across the US) is Liam. This Irish name that means "resolute protector" is perfect for anyone raising a boy they hope will grow to be a true provider in every sense of the word. Liam can be shortened to Li, but as a simple, stand-alone name, Liam is popular name that is here to stay.

  • EMMA


    The top Texan girl name, Emma, is a classic that has gone through peaks and valleys of popularity. In the 1880s, the name was at the top of of choices for little girls, but teetered off. It started gaining traction again in the early 2000s and has been climbing ever since. Meaning "strength," Emma is both poised and quirky, perfect for a dynamic little lady. Whether she is called Emmie, Em, or stands by Emma, it's a bubbly beautiful name for any little girl.

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