These 'Transformation' Comforters Will Actually Keep Little Ones in Bed

Ucommon Goods

Ucommon Goods

Do you spend every evening of your life trying to get a small child to sleep? Sometimes, it seems insane to devote so much energy to this. But when you don't, everything starts to unravel. No time to yourself. The next day is spent in a crabby toddler nightmare. The list goes on.

But maybe there is a better way? If bed is the place she or he wants to be, your persuasive tactics won't have to be so all-consuming, right?

It's logical. And worth a try. These scenic comforters might do the trick. Who wouldn't want to go to these beds and stay a while?

  • Monsters under the bed? Be a bigger monster!

    "Mommy! I can't sleep! There are monsters in the closet!"

    This one is totally reasonable. There probably are monsters in the closet. Just because you checked (300 times) doesn't mean they aren't better at hiding than you are at looking. 

    But if your tot is a bigger monster than the monsters in the closet, who's scared now?

    There was never a bigger or more terrifying monster in the history of history than the T. rex. Everyone is afraid of T. rex. Solution? Be T. rex. 

    This dinosaur duvet and pillowcase set ($119) is convincing enough to scare all the monsters out of the house. 

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  • Sleep is where you are the princess.

    Sometimes the refusal to sleep isn't about fear of monsters -- it's about fear of missing out. But if you look like this gorgeous princess when you go to sleep, what could you miss in the living room that could be better than that?

    This princess duvet and pillowcase set ($119) will transform bedtime into dreams of happily ever after. Who could resist going to bed to get to that reality?

  • Houston, we are GO for sleep.

    If your child dreams of going to space when she grows up, why not make that her bedtime reality?

    Dreams of space exploration trump fear of monsters. They trump watching more TV. They are the weightless reality of this child's unconscious mind. 

    Encourage these dreams of shooting for the stars by dressing nighttime in a space suit with this astronaut duvet and pillowcase set ($119).

  • Mermaids sleep with turtles and dolphins.

    When you rule the seas in your dreams, your friends are sea turtles, dolphins, and octopuses. Your crown is made of shells. And you swim faster than any human can dream of moving through the water.

    Send your deep-sea dreamer to bed inside her mermaid form by tucking her into this mermaid duvet and pillowcase set ($119).

  • Sharks are scared of no one.

    If fears of the dark are keeping your young one bouncing out of bed every time you turn down the lights, dressing as the scariest thing from the darkest depths might help.

    Everyone is afraid of sharks. Sharks fear no one. Help him be the shark by putting him under this shark duvet and resting his head on this shark-jaw pillowcase ($119 for the set).

  • Unicorn dreams

    Who doesn't want to climb into bed with a rare and magical creature who can carry you to wonderful places most humans can't go? Unicorns do exist. At least in her dreams.

    Put her to bed with the unicorn of her dreams in this unicorn duvet and pillowcase set ($119).

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