Spend $100 on Baby Items at Target, Get a $30 Gift Card


Baby needs new shoes! Baby also needs snacks, wipes, adorable outfits, stuffed animals, diapers, and more.

How can someone so small -- and who does little more than eat and sleep -- need so much gear?

This question is one of life's major paradoxes, and we will not know the answer in our lifetimes. Meanwhile, though, Target has terrific baby necessaries. And if you spend $100 on baby items, you'll get a $30 Target gift card!

  • Water wipes for everything.

    Who knew that clean, pure baby wipes were so necessary to life? Babies are always in need of a wiping off. And these wipes are also the best way to remove cosmetics or clean up mom when there is no other way to get hands, face, or a messy surface clean. 

    You will use them all day long, so get the good ones ($14.99).

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  • For the occasional bottle.

    Sometimes baby needs a bottle. Dad wants to feed her. You are on a bus. Whatever the reason, you want one that won't hurt baby's tummy or confuse her. The MAM Anti-Colic Bottle is great for this and is only $4.99. Keep one in your kit.

  • Stock up on diapers.

    Whatever your diapering preference, it's always a good idea to have a stash of disposables around for emergencies, babysitters, and other desperate situations. This giant pack of Target-brand diapers ($14.99) is sure to come in handy. Stock up and get that $30 gift card!

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