20 Valentine's Day Cards Not Found In Stores

Mandy Velez | Jan 16, 2020 Shop
20 Valentine's Day Cards Not Found In Stores
Image: Etsy

scratch-off valentine's day card

Valentine’s Day is the day of love, and it can mean different things to different people. For some, it’s a day to treat loved ones in a special way. For others, it might be a day to reconnect with friends (shoutout to the galentines!) To others, V-Day is just another Hallmark holiday. And for parents, regardless of how they feel about the day, their kids celebrate at school. It may be a hassle at the dollar store to gather the little cards or treats together, but think about it: it’s showing kids to think about and love others. So while there may not be a lot of time left for an adult Valentine’s Day festivity or big gift, a card will do. The best part? It doesn’t have to be crazy expensive.

Etsy, for example, had a ton of affordable Valentine cards for all the people in one’s life, but for husbands and partners especially. They’re not the generic run-of-the generic message kinds of cards either. They’re handmade and many have the option to be personalized with names or messages.

The tone varies, too, with some being humorous and others being deeply romantic. Some cards are simpler, with beautiful calligraphy and others have whole designs on them. One of the favorites we found was one for people in long-distance relationships and it features two states on the front. However one feels about Valentine’s Day it’s never a bad idea to show someone love. These cards can do that but are unusual and special enough to make the day count. The kids won’t be the only ones with valentines to share.

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  • Turns Out I Like You a Lot More


    Sometimes love catches people by surprise and they get much more than they expect. This is the perfect card to express gratefulness with just a touch of sarcasm.

    I Love You Card - Turns Out I Like You A Lot More ($4

  • I'm Glad I Swiped Right


    This card is a great reflection on how true love is really only a tiny hand motion away. Celebrate that with this funny card.

    I'm Glad I Swiped Right ($3

  • Valentine's Day Card Template


    This text and photo card is available in three template styles and can be printed right at home on to card stock paper. It's the perfect card for someone who also likes photo keepsakes.

    Valentine's Day Card Template ($4)

  • Still the Best Damn Decision I Ever Made


    This card is blunt and beyond cute. This is a great way to get to the point of how much one cares. 

    Still The Best Damn Decision I Ever Made ($5

  • You're My Kind of Weird


    Humor is a great way to connect with a loved one. This card is funny and special all at the same time. To all the weirdos! Because they deserve love, too. Even if it's friendly.

    You're My Kind of Weird Card ($3

  • In It For the Long Haul


    This cute Valentine's card is a play on truck humor/words and available in three beautiful colors. It has a handmade feel to boot.  

    In It for the Long Haul ($4)

  • Valentine's Day Scratch-Off Card 


    This card is interactive with its scratch-off feature and also can be made with a custom message. This is a cute card choice that will definitely make the typical card exchange a bit more exciting. 

    Valentine's Day Card Scratch Off ($5)

  • Long Distance Valentines Day Card 


    Long-distance love is just as important. This card featuring both people's home states -- with hearts to mark the cities -- is the perfect way to say "I am thinking about you" to the one who lives far away.

    Valentines Day Card Long Distance ($7)

  • I Officially Love You More Card


    Playing the I love you more game is truly a game that never ends with the right person. Take back the lead with this cute and thoughtful card.

    I Officially Love You More Card ($4

  • 'Nightmare Before Christmas' Valentine's Day Card


    This is an amazing card for fans of The Nightmare Before Christmas. A custom message can be added inside and it comes with the option of a red or white envelope. 

    Nightmare Before Christmas Valentine's Day Card ($4)

  • Personalized Be My Valentine Card


    This is a perfect card for anyone looking for a card that has their personal touch. The name can be customized as well as a message inside.

    Personalized Be My Valentine Heart Card ($4)

  • My Valentine You Are Valentines Day Cards


    Yes, Baby Yoda can be part of Valentine's Day festivities, too. And Star Wars fans especially will love this adorable card with him front and center. 

    My Valentine You Are Valentines Day Cards ($4

  • To the Love of My Life


    Simple but sweet is the name for this handwriting-style card. The beauty is in the simplicity of this card. The message is strong and it leaves the inside open for writing from the heart.

    Love Card for Her/Him ($3

  • Happy Love Day Laser-Cut Valentine's Day Card


    The laser-cut detail here is the draw, but the message is still just as heartfelt. This is a great way to say I love you and show deep attraction. Happy Love Day!

    Cute Passionate Valentine's Day Laser Cut Greeting Card ($2

  • Valentine, I'm Nuts About You 


    This "I'm nuts about you" card is fun and will get a laugh. Bonus: It's handmade and the squirrel is crocheted. 

    Personalized Handmade Crochet Squirrel Valentine Card ($7

  • Surprise Scratch-Off Heart Card


    This is another adorable scratch-off card with a custom message. This one is more structured because it starts with "I love you 'coz.'"

    Valentine Card, Surprise Scratch Off ($6)

  • 'Husband' Personalized Card


    This card puts the recipient front and center so hubby knows he is truly loved. It also allows a custom message to be added inside.

    Personalized Valentines Day Card ($5

  • You Are My World

    This one goes out to the travelers or folks who have a passion or home around the world. The message of this card perfectly captures the entire spirit of Valentine's Day.

    You Are My World Valentine's Day Greetings Card ($4

  • With Love to My Husband

    This card is laser cut and can be customized with any name or nickname. This is a beautiful way to give a husband a Valentine's Day card the is truly one of a kind.

    Husband Valentines Card, Personalized Valentine Card ($5)

  • Then I Met You

    This card is a beautiful illustration of how true love can fill a void in anyone's life. This is also a great option because it is a printable right from home. 

    Then I Met You Printable Valentines Day Card ($4

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