Already Need a Vacation? Walmart Will Help Pack With This Huge Luggage Sale


Hot springs are the size of lakes in Iceland. You can dive with dolphins, manatees, and turtles in Cozumel. A flight to Sienna in Tuscany is less than $500.

Maybe it's time to go somewhere? Carbon footprint aside, taking your kids out of the day-to-day and showing them that the world is big and full of wonder is probably the best thing you can do for this crazy, messed-up world right now.

Remember what Mark Twain said? "Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely."

Maybe an airline ticket isn't in the budget right now. But you can't go anywhere without a good suitcase. And those are up to 50% off at Walmart right now. Get everyone's head in the game while the getting is cheap.

  • Get the family a matching set.

    You know how preschools make all the kids wear the same bright T-shirt on field trips? How cute would your family be rolling the same shiny and beautiful hard-sided suitcases through your adventures? This URHOMEPRO three-piece luggage set is $155.99 right now at Walmart. Its list price is $311.98.

    Fuel your travel dreams with something you can actually use when you finally get there! A good hard-sided bag with 360-degree spinner wheels makes travel so easy that your toddler will be able to haul one of these.

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  • Never pay checked baggage fees.

    A good carry-on bag and clothes that pack small can save you the investment in them in just one flight, since many airlines charge to check baggage.

    This lovely pink and mint carry-on with spinner wheels and two interior compartments is sized to carry on. You will breeze through airport check-in with it and have a place to keep everything tidy while you travel. It's normally $120 but is on sale right now for $58.95.

  • An adorable set for the kids

    Your tiny traveler will be adorable beyond words toting his belongings in this Gymax child-sized, monster-adorned travel set.

    It's a hard-sided suitcase and backpack. Both are designed to be strong and light and are sized for a child to carry and pull. 

    The set is normally $99.99 but is on sale now for $45.99.

  • Travel like it's 1911.

    Before flying became an everyday thing, people carried their worldly goods in steamer trunks. They didn't go for a week. They went for a season. And they lived out of their trunks the entire time. They were not shy about bringing all their jewelry and a pile of books to read.

    This Pinty Vintage Classic Old-Fashioned Trolley Suitcase (and its matching train case) is not huge, but it does visually evoke that era of adventure travel. The set is on sale for $139.99, normally $369.99.

    It is, in fact, a modern case with spinner wheels and TSA locks. But you can dream, right?

  • Get yourself something pretty.

    When all the black suitcases come rolling off the luggage carousel, yours will be the beautiful one that's adorned with flowers. You don't wear a suitcase. And it's not furniture. You can go all out with the wild patterns and florals. Why does everyone buy black?

    This Bebe Marie 21 Hardside Spinner is normally $240. It's on sale for just $85.49.

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