5 Quirky Indoor Planters To Make the House Less Depressing During Winter


The winter blues are real. When it's cold, you can't go out into the garden, put your hands in dirt, and heal your soul. (There is also something to do with light and moods, but I'm speaking to those of us who cure our ills in the garden.)

The inside of your house is a whole canvas for flowers, herbs, and greenery. I'm betting you have not yet tapped into its full potential. Bringing the garden indoors is a fun, inexpensive hobby, and also a way to create living art that both feeds your soul and improves the air quality and mood of your house. It's fun to do when the kids nap. It's even more fun to do with the kids, and it instills a lifelong understanding of botany in their growing minds.

We found some planters that will make this project a blast. They are beautiful and quirky and will turn your plants into living art.

  • Round art piece with plants.

    This really is a piece of art you can hang on the wall. Fill one of these round planters with gravel, soil, and cactus, and it will look beautiful and require little care.

    These round, wall-mounted hanging planters (on sale for $28.75) would also be beautiful filled with shells or stones and no plant. But with a mistletoe cactus or other hanging succulent pouring out of it, it will be spectacular. 

    There are many other sizes if you feel inspired to create a stunning botanical wall display. The part that holds the plant is clear to showcase a root system or rock display.

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  • A beautiful lesson in hydroponics.

    Teach your kids the life cycle of plants while exploring hydroponics and bringing some herbs onto the kitchen windowsill. It's easy to see how all the parts of the plant work in a hydroponic garden, and there is no mess. But the results are just as tasty!

    This hydroponic herb garden kit ($33.63) is created from wine bottles, so it's beautiful, green, and fun. 

  • Elevate your plants.

    Maybe you've already tapped out the tables, windowsills, and other plant-ready surfaces in your home? Or perhaps your minimalist style doesn't allow for that sort of clutter. Either way, these gorgeous metal hanging planters ($98) will transform your lowly clay pots (or any planter) into a hanging art piece. 

    Put a spider plant, philodendron, or even a trailing rosemary into a pot. Put the pot into this metal art hanger, and you have gone from houseplant to art display.

  • Air plants in the air.

    If you love the idea of having a beautiful display of plants hanging in your home but fear you will kill whatever you plant, air plants are your solution. (You already have a lot of people to take care of, after all.) Air plants (aka tillandsia) don't need soil and are almost self-sufficient. 

    Put one in this lovely handmade ceramic hanging planter ($21.89), designed to keep an air plant happy. Order some tillandsia on Amazon. Give your new plant a soak, set it in the planter, and (almost) forget it. If you give it a misting once in a while and offer it another bath occasionally, your air plant might even bless you with flowers.

  • Dinosaur planter.

    Your kids will love this one. This dinosaur's back ($14.80) is the perfect place to put another one of those tillandsia air plants you picked up on Amazon. He's cute, comes in a bunch of colors, and won't kill that little plant, not even if you trust its care to a toddler. This is fun way to get even a young child up to speed on indoor gardening.

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