You Can Now Buy a Scarf That's Been Made To Look Like Your Mile-Long CVS Receipt


CVS scarves from etsy

I'm willing to bet that if you peeked into your purse right now, you'd have at least one mile-long CVS receipt clogging things up in there. Will you ever really use those $3 Extra Bucks? Nope. But will you wait until they've been expired for six months before finally tossing them? YEP. The truth is, no one knows why those things have to be so dang long, but at this point, we've all learned to embrace it. And apparently, some people on Etsy have REALLY embraced it. In fact, some Etsy sellers are even making homemade scarves designed to resemble CVS receipts -- and they're kind of genius.

  • The white cotton scarves basically look like the receipt printouts you wait forever and a day for after paying at CVS.

    And yes, they feature the usual offers you get on yours -- like 30% off deodorant, $3 off a disposable Gillette razor, and more. 

    A brief scan through the comments of this one, being sold by StuffUHaveTheyWant, shows that they're already pretty popular with customers.

    "This is PERFECT for my husband who works at CVS," one woman wrote. 'I found out about it less than a week before Christmas, and paid for the express shipping. It arrived in plenty of time! The fabric is a bit thin for a scarf, but the printing quality is good. I ended up sewing some flannel to the back to bulk it up a bit. End result, it was a HIT! My husband loved it and can't wait to show it to his co-workers." 
    Other reviewers gave the product five stars and praised the fast delivery. 

    "My friend loved this, thank you!" someone else noted.

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  • Best of all, this particular seller lets you customize the copy on the printout, so you can add funny little anecdotes, if you want.

    (So have fun brainstorming 20% off deals on adult diapers or vaginal douches ... ) You just have to message the seller with your requests first. 

    Another option, sold by Receipt Scarves, is also available -- and sells for just $19! That one's getting some rave reviews, too.

    "Awesome scarf, super high quality, and have gotten a ton of positive comments about it!" one customer wrote. "People always ask where I got it from and part of me wants to keep it a secret. Overall, fast shipping, good price, and also actually VERY warm!"

  • The humor of CVS's absurdly long receipts has been a running gag for years now.

    Who can forget when Meghan Markle's wedding dress train was turned into a meme following her nuptials with Prince Harry in 2018? The joke went seriously viral, because ... well, it really did look like one.

  • That same year, Jimmy Kimmel actually called the convenience store out for their long receipts on his late night show.

    It came more than a year after he'd invited the store's president on to the show to personally ask her to make the receipts shorter. In the bit, Helena Foulkes agreed and promised that the store would deliver on that.

    Well ... you can guess how that went.

    "You know these receipts at CVS are like the equator," the comic quipped to his late-night audience the following year. " ... I thought we fixed this!"

    Clearly, it's still a thing (or else we wouldn't all see the humor in CVS receipt scarves). Still, there is technically a way you can fix the issue for yourself if it truly bugs you. 

    In 2018, CVS Health CEO Larry Merlo told CNBC that signing up for the CVS ExtraCare Rewards program and then opting into digital coupons should solve the problem -- and save some trees in the process.

    “If you don’t sign up for both, you [still] get paper receipts,” Merlo told Coombs at the time. 

    Hmmm ... something about that almost sounds too good to be true. (Just me?!)

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