20 Home Decorations To Help the House Feel Less Bare After the Holidays

Mandy Velez | Jan 6, 2020 Shop
20 Home Decorations To Help the House Feel Less Bare After the Holidays
Image: The Sill

The Sill

After the holidays are over, winter can seem so long. It's dark and cold, and other than Martin Luther King Day and Valentine's Day, there aren't many exciting things to get us through. No holiday decorations, Christmas trees, or kitschy decor to brighten up the room (or rooms). It's no wonder seasonal depression is a thing. But, on the flip side, winter is a special time. It's super cozy and though it's chilly, we have opportunities for comfy sweaters and outfits, indulgent skin care routines and an excuse to decorate. All those things that make winter, well, winter can still be reflected in home decor that's not Santa-themed. What does that kind of decor look like exactly? We've done the work for you.

To start, we thought about all the things that make winter what it is and came up with a word mentioned a lot in this piece: cozy. We translated that into items that make a space as relaxing as the holidays, even when the festivities are over. Some staples we came up with: throw pillows, blankets, candles, and plants. We've chosen tones that are both cool or black and white, though a pop of color is fine. Having something bright helps get us through the sometimes-gloomy winter months.

So even though the tree is no longer up, the fake snow is not dusted on the table, and the stockings have been removed from the fireplace, it doesn't mean that a space can't be decorated for winter. Use our list as inspiration. Maybe start with a candle on the table and move onto a winter-themed throw pillow. Add a whimsical Etsy sign. Use this time of year to get creative. There's a cup of cocoa waiting when it's done.

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  • Snowflakes Coir Door Mat


    Doormats are definitely underrated pieces of decor, but decor they still are. This one is winter-themed thanks to the snowflakes.

    Snowflakes Coir Door Mat ($25, Overstock)

  • Winter Wonderland Sign


    Signs are cute and are forthright with their messages. This one isn't holiday related but still relevant to the winter season.

    Winter Wonderland Sign ($15, IcehouseSigns/Etsy)

  • Black & White Stitched Pillow


    Pillows are comfortable and double as decor in a living room, on a foyer bench, or in a bedroom. This black and white one has major winter vibes while still keeping things cozy.

    Black and White Stitched Pillow ($20, At Home)

  • Faux Fur Ruched Throw


    Much like pillows, throw blankets are multifunctional in the cozy and decorative department. This faux fur is in ivory but comes in three other neutral colors.

    Faux Fur Ruched Throw ($150, Pottery Barn)

  • Winter Pillow Cover


    Snow lovers will appreciate this decorative pillow cover from Etsy that's also budget-friendly for those trying not to go too overboard. The script text makes it classy.

    Winter Pillow Cover ($31, PrettyLittleMinnow/Etsy)

  • Plants


    Plants are useful to have around all times of the year. They may seem more appropriate in the warmer months, but having a plant in the winter can boost moods. Sill has subscriptions for $35 a month.

    Monthly Plant Subscription ($35, The Sill)

  • White Leather Tray

    White Leather Tray

    Trays are a smart way to stay organized, but make for non-cluttered decorative pieces, too. This one from CB2 comes in white leather and works on tables and desks.

    White Leather Tray ($60, CB2)

  • Lovebirds Decorative Tray


    We're fans of double-use decor items, and this includes dresser trays. This lovebirds piece from Anthropologie is a work of art.

    Lovebirds Decorative Tray ($568, Anthropologie)

  • Marble Rose Gold Blended Coaster


    Coasters are an inexpensive, easy way to elevate the tone and style of a room (and keep tables stain and scratch-free). The marble pattern and rose gold color are both trendy.

    Marble Rose Gold Blended Coasters, set of 4 ($11, Society6)

  • Kitchen Chalkboard


    OK, this one kitchen "menu" chalkboard isn't necessarily decor for winter, but it adds an extra something to a space. Of course, this is also practical for writing notes for the family.

    Chalkboard Wall Decor ($25, At Home)

  • Mini Capri Blue Jar Candle


    Candles are appropriate any time of year, but certain aromas and styles can be better for the winter season. This warm-toned jar is a cheery table or shelf decoration. 

    Mini Capri Blue Jar Candle ($12, Anthropologie)

  • Pearlescent Vase


    Replace holiday centerpieces with these chic pearl-finish vases (and flowers to go in them.) Their pearly tones remind us of the snow.

    Pearlescent Vase ($32, Anthropologie)

  • Marble & Brass Wall Clock

    Marble and Brass Wall Clock

    Remember how we like marble? This clock makes us love it more and its cool tones will make it fit with lighter-styled rooms in the winter.

    Marble and Brass Wall Clock ($70, CB2)

  • Glam Multicolored Decorative Tray


    If the home decor style is more colorful, this glam tray will fit right in. It'll be a ray of fun in an otherwise gloomier season.

    Glam Multi Colored Decorative Tray ($20, Hayneedle)

  • Picnic Plus Bottle & Glass Cork Caddy


    Those bottles of wine from the holidays have to be killed off at some point this winter. Use a cork caddy as a place to collect the corks and serve as a decorative centerpiece.

    Picnic Plus Bottle and Glass Cork Caddy ($49, Hayneedle)

  • Metal Sea Urchin Ornamental Sculpture


    Art pieces make for the ultimate in decorations, and this metal sea urchin sculpture is cool and unusual. It's an interesting modern textured option for anyone looking for that extra something to add to a table or shelf.

    Metal Sea Urchin Ornamental Sculpture ($19, Hayneedle)

  • 2-Piece Metal Lantern Holder Set


    Lanterns are a classic decor item that can be placed in different locations around the home, including dining room tables or empty corners. Add battery operated candles and the house will feel cozy all winter. 

    2 Piece Metal Lantern Holder Set ($56, Joss & Main)

  • 3-Piece Wooden Star on Base Set


    Stars are having a moment in the fashion world, but why not the decor world? Joss & Main's wooden star certainly feels wintry. Plus, it's a nice way to keep that Christmas spirit alive without looking like a weirdo. 

    3 Piece Wooden Star on Base Set ($68, Joss & Main)

  • Holiday Box


    This "holiday box" is still pretty holiday-like but can last through the rest of the snowy season. It'll work perfectly as a table centerpiece and can really amp up the wintry decor theme. 

    Holiday Box ($50, Target)

  • Illume Winter White Candle


    This candle has winter written all over it, literally. It's scented with evergreen and cypress along with white peppercorn, cardamom and a little brightening citrus. 

    Illume Winter White Candle ($10, Luxury Candle Brands)

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