20 Gifts That Teachers Actually Want This Year

Mandy Velez | Dec 13, 2019 Shop
20 Gifts That Teachers Actually Want This Year
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Teachers are angelic humans who deserve every good thing that comes to them. Most are patient, kind, and truly care about the well-being of their students. Many spend their own money, and certainly spend their own time on resources to make learning experiences better for their students. All the best teachers should be shown love through a gift every once in a while. And during the holidays is the perfect time! Of course, there are things teachers certainly don't want. On the list are items such as bath products and mugs. It just reveals the secrets teachers have that we don't know about. But we did our best to find items teachers really would want. At least in our opinion.

And because not many people have the budget for a 10-day cruise around the Caribbean or a year-long wine subscription, we found smaller items that might still come close. Yes, there is a mug, but it's a cool one! Plus, everyone (including teachers) like different things and what one teacher might hate may be another one's treasure. And truth be told, teachers aren't expecting anything, but it would likely make their days just to know that they're thought of and appreciated.

So what made our list? Well, we have jewelry items, snack baskets, and personalized office pieces. Not to mention special sticky notes and T-shirts to inform the public about the use of commas (we honestly really like that one). Whichever kind of teacher a kid has, there's a gift on this list for that teacher. Yes, some involve apples, but not in a cheesy way -- in a more updated, sophisticated way. So have a scroll and take a pick. There are just a few weeks left until the winter break, which let's be honest, is what teachers really want.

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