20 Gifts For Picky In-Laws

Mandy Velez | Dec 11, 2019 Shop
20 Gifts For Picky In-Laws
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Holiday gifting for kids is relatively straightforward. Kids like toys and games and anything they can play with (or destroy, depending on the age of the child and personality). But gifting for adults? Well, given some gifting horror stories, that's a whole lot harder of a thing to accomplish. Even gifting moms is easier. There are things they don't want (cough cough man who gifted his pregnant sister-in-law a fitness book). But there are plenty of things they/we do want. Same thing for dads. Is it a new game? Socks? Ticket to some event? Food? The point being that the more time spent with someone, the easier is should be to choose a gift for them. Or really anything that relieves stress, but we digress.

In-laws, whether they are mothers-in-law, fathers-in-law, sisters or brothers-in-law, or another member of the spouse's family, can be tough people to buy gifts for. Some folks may have great relationships with their in-laws. Other people may not have such a great situation. If they're picky, too? That makes the job even tougher. If gifting is something that is planned for this year for the in-laws, do not fret. We tried to make it as easy as possible regardless of any conflicts. A great starting point (at least that we thought of) was to think of interests and utility. If it's hard to think of things in-laws like, maybe there are items out there they can at least put to good use.

As it turns out, there's an array of items out there to choose from. Some are newer, like the Facebook Portal, while others are simpler but still useful, like a luggage set. But they all have in common the ability to add some ease or joy to the lives of whoever gets them. We could all use more in-law points!

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  • Tablet Stand


    A tablet stand may seem like a dry gift, but it is often the little gifts like these that make a big difference. Mom or dad-in-law can set the tablet up on the stand while cooking or just have a place to stand it up so they don't have to crank their neck down as much.

    Lamicall Tablet Stand ($16, Amazon)

  • Blue Apron Subscription


    Give the gift of at-home cooking without the stress of finding recipes or ingredients. Blue Apron will send all of that to the person who is getting the service. It's currently offering three meals for two people for $40 a week.

    Blue Apron, 3 Meal Boxes ($40, Blue Apron)

  • Facebook Portal


    Facebook Portal is a newer tablet on the market, offering video chatting capabilities as well as the ability to view Facebook Watch shows in real time with the person on the other end. It also has a story time feature to read stories to kids over the tablet, which is perfect for in-laws with grandkids to keep in touch with. 

    Facebook Portal ($179, Facebook)

  • Compact Swivel Cheese & Tapas Board


    Whether they're friends or in-laws, most people will host a gathering at one point or another. This swivel cheese and tapas board is a great way to serve guests in a convenient way.

    Compact Swivel Cheese & Tapas Board ($85, Uncommon Goods)

  • Entertainer's Cheese Knife Set


    Speaking of cheese, there should be a better way to cut it than butter knives. Upgrade the in-laws' knife selection with this this Uncommon Goods set, which features four different types.

    Entertainer's Cheese Knife Set ($18, Uncommon Goods)

  • Rolling Luggage Set


    If the in-laws love traveling or have some trips planned in the new year, Target's selling rolling sets like these for $120. Both mom, dad, or even other in-laws -- brother or sister and their family can have a matching set.

    Rolling Luggage Set ($120, Target)

  • Pictionary Air Game


    Make family game nights a lot more fun with the new Pictionary Air game, which features an air pencil for guessing photos rather than using a pen and paper. In-laws can use in with the family, of course, or even when their friends come over.

    Pictionary Air Game ($17, Target)

  • 23andMe DNA Kit


    Finding out genealogy has been a big trend recently and 23 and Me is a major player in that. Kits are easily giftable at just $79 a pop. 

    23andMe Kit ($79, 23andMe)

  • Google Home


    Google Home make things much simpler. With voice commands, whoever has one can listen to music, podcasts, have the lights dimmed, have news read to them, and a lot more.

    Google Home ($69, Google)

  • Ring Video Doorbell


    The Ring Video Doorbell is another product that's been taking off in popularity. It will allow in-laws to see who is at the door without even getting up first.

    Ring Video Doorbell ($100, Ring)

  • 6-Quart Multi Cooker


    Gone are the days that one has to rely on the oven to cook something. Pop ingredients in a multi cooker and have an amazing dish a few hours later. 

    Insignia 6-Quart Multi-Function Pressure Cooker ($40, Google Shopping)

  • Martha Stewart Collection 7-Piece Bar Tool Set


    For in-laws who love to host and bartend, this Macy's Martha Stewart bar collection is the gift that will up the game. It comes with a shaker and other mixing tools for the best cocktails out there.

    Martha Stewart Collection 7-Pc. Bar Tool Set ($45, Macy's)

  • Square Marble Coasters


    Help folks protect their furniture in style. Wayfair has square marble coasters that fit in with most home decor styles. 

    Square Marble Coasters, Set of 4 ($25, Wayfair)

  • Vinebox Wine Sampler Box


    Wine lovers will appreciate getting the Vinebox Advent calendar. A current promotion the service is having is 12 nights of wine for well under $200. 

    Vinebox Wine 12 Nights of Wine ($179, Vinebox)

  • Homesick State Candle


    Candles are often a go-to and safe gift for picky folks. Who doesn't want a space that smells good? The thing is, Homesick candles are not only amazing-smelling, but come with a personal touch, like with their state-specific scents.

    Homesick State Candle ($30, Homesick)

  • Bombas Socks


    Bombas socks aren't just for hipsters. They're for anyone who wants a good pair of colorful socks while doing some good. For every pair bought, a pair is donated.

    Bombas Socks, Box of 4 ($78, Bombas)

  • Yeti Rambler


    Some in-laws may prefer the great outdoors to the big city. Give them the gift of a cool insulated rambler mug to keep coffee (or soup) warm.

    Yeti Rambler ($25, Amazon)

  • Mother-In-Law Necklace


    For a more sentimental in-law gift, moms will love this mother-in-law necklace with a special message. It features a symbolic two circles intertwined.

    Mother-In-Law Necklace ($38, DearAvaGifts/Etsy)

  •  Craft Beer Flight Beverage Sampler


    Craft beer tastings can happen at home now, too, thanks to this Macy's beverage sampler. It has four tasting shot glasses along with a chalk label for each beer name.

    Craft Beer Flight Beverage Sampler ($40, Macy's)

  • Home State 16 oz. Glass Mason Jar


    Prepping early for summer soirees is totally fine. These glass mason jars will add a rustic touch to an in-law's spring or summer gathering. There's a set for each of the 50 states. 

    Home State 16 oz. Glass Mason Jar, Set of 4 ($45, Wayfair)

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