Target Is Giving Away $10 & $50 Gift Cards -- With a Slight 'Catch'


How's this for enviable bargain-hunter skills: You fill up your cart at Target with Christmas presents for your kids. You get a great deal on every single one of them. Then, at checkout, you get a gift card for cash you can spend on anything you like.

The trick? Picking the right toys to maximize the kickbacks. 

Here's how.

  • Lego DC Comics Super Heroes Batman Batwing and the Riddler Heist

    There are toys that kids get lost in while making silly plane, car, and explosion noises -- as well as character-to-character dialogue. It's cute to watch. But this sort of creative sandbox play is also important to a child's development. This Batman and Riddler Lego kit is that sort of game. Even better, it requires that they build the universe first. This develops so many skills! It's also a blast.

    It's on sale for $35.99 (normally $49.99). And if you buy it and your Lego purchases get to $50, you will get a $10 gift card when you check out.

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  • Lego Super Heroes Marvel Spider-Man Stark Jet and the Drone Attack

    There is someone on your shopping list who would be thrilled to find this Lego Super Heroes Marvel Spider-Man Stark Jet and the Drone Attack building kit under the tree. And this is a great opportunity to make that happen. 

    First, it's on sale. It's normally $69.99. But in this Target sale, it's down to $55.99. 

    Second, Target will give you a $10 gift card just for buying this. The deal is, spend $50 on certain Lego items and get a $10 gift card. This kit meets that criteria all on its own.

  • Buy Just Dance for Nintendo Switch and get $50.

    This is a pretty amazing deal -- if you are buying gifts for your kids, their cousins, or other families or if you want to spoil your own kids with games. 

    Just Dance 2020 for Nintendo Switch is a fun party game. It's a video game that gets everyone up and moving, dancing, singing, and acting silly.

    And if you buy two of them -- or two games included in this sale -- you'll get a $50 gift card. Your kids want games. You want money. Win-win!

  • Buy Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, get $50.

    Maybe this one isn't so much for children (it's rated M). But there is a gamer in your life who would love to lose many hours to Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Breakpoint ($59.99). This immersive, first-person shooter is brand new from Microsoft to play on Xbox. Know someone who thinks that sounds like the perfect weekend?

    Go ahead and buy it. Then also buy a video game from this sale for your kids. You'll get a $50 Target gift card. Now everyone is happy!

  • Add Far Cry 5 to your cart on your way to a $50 gift card.

    Far Cry 5 ($49.99) is set in a post-apocalyptic world where you fight for survival in a lawless land. It's just the sort of alternate reality your older gamers are looking for when they seek to lose a weekend playing with their PlayStation 4. Buy two of them -- or two games in this sale -- and you'll get a $50 gift card. That's like getting one free! Or getting paid to give your gamers what they want. 

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