20 Great Holiday Gifts for Grandparents

Mandy Velez | Dec 9, 2019 Shop
20 Great Holiday Gifts for Grandparents
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The relationship between grandparents and their grandkids is special. And whether grandparents have grandchildren who are young or grown adults, they still deserve love and appreciation in the form of holiday gifts. They do so much, after all. Grandparents are a major support system, and give everyone nothing but love. They also tend to be really amazing babysitters if little kids are in the picture. Grandparents are so special and honored in our culture, there is an entire day, Grandparents' Day, dedicated just to them. There are also tons of beautiful quotes that describe the relationship grandparents have with those they love. The love they give can never be returned or even quantified, but getting them a gift that is special or meaningful to them will make their whole year. Gifts can even be just telling them they're going to BE grandparents!

Of course, there are so many gifts out there it's hard to know what exactly to pick out for these amazing people. Plus no grandparent is exactly the same and they deserve some personal touches. Because it's that time of year, we've gathered some items grandparents will love. A lot of the items are family oriented, whether it's through photos or personalized products. That's because grandparents love family and any excuse to show them off. Call us enablers, but this is the perfect time of year to make that happen for them. We've chosen traditional gifts, like ornaments, blankets, and figurines, but we also found products that are more high-tech. There's the Facebook Portal, which takes video chat to another level, as well as little devices to help folks find items that are easily lost.

If all else fails, just get a tattoo in their honor. Some grandparents might not like that, actually, so maybe just stick to the list.

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  • Our Family Rocks Oval Ornament


    This family rocks ornament is an unusual, personalized gift that brings the holiday spirit. Grandparents, and anyone who visits them, will enjoy being reminded of their beautiful family every time they look at their tree.

    Our Family Rocks Oval Ornament ($12, Personal Creations

  • Personalized Grandma Print


    This is another affordable gift that features a visual representation of the family tree. Grandma will love to see each generation and the legacy she helped to create.

    Personalized Grandma Print (from $13, ThreePeasDecor/Etsy) 

  • The Grandparent Gift Life Story, Great-Grandpa


    We didn't forget about the great-grandparents out there, because they're grandparents, too. This gift beautifully captures family across generations.

    The Grandparent Gift Life Story, Great-Grandpa ($30, Amazon)

  • Grandparents Brag Board


    Incorporating the grandkids into a gift is a surefire way to ensure the any grandparent will love it. This board that shows off photos and drawings would fit right in anyone's home.

    Grandparents Brag Board ($35, MarboldSignCo/Etsy)

  • Personalized Blanket


    Not only does this blanket incorporate family into the gift, it also can be used every day to keep warm--or as a decoration. Warm and comfortable? We call that a win-win gift. 

    Close To Her Heart Personalized Blanket ($35, Personalization Mall

  • Personalized Hammer


    This gift adds a personal touch to a gift centered around utility. Grandparents who like to work with their hands will absolutely love this present.

    Personalized Hammer ($24, TIMEandAGAINbyRuss/Etsy

  • Shark IQ Robot


    This gift is perfect for easing the burden of keeping up with vacuuming the house, or simply for grandmas or grandpas who like to keep clean. It's perfect for anyone looking to splurge on their grandparent's gift this holiday season.

    Shark IQ Robot ($350, Shark)

  • Personalized Nana Pillow


    Just like the blanket, this "Nana" pillow is a creative and unique personalized item to add to the living room decor with. is cozy and personalized. When the grandkids are away, grandparents will still feel their love.

    Nana Pillow Personalized Pillow ($25, Madeonwillow/Etsy)

  • Grandma's Garden Personalized Garden Flag


    When spring comes, grandparents will be ready to decorate the garden. This is another "incorporate the grandkids" slam-dunk gift that shows all all the grandkids (or kids). Bonus if Grandma loves gardening.

    Grandma's Garden Personalized Garden Flag ($14, Personalization Mall

  • 'Virtual Grandma' Book


    Some grandparents struggle with technology, so this book is specially designed to help them be able to communicate with their grandkids using technology like FaceTime and Skype. It's written in a language and format grandparents can understand. This is an affordable and altogether useful gift.

    Virtual Grandma by Alison Hillhouse ($10, Barnes & Noble)

  • Grandma Grandpa Shark Mug Set


    Kids can't stop singing "Baby Shark," so this makes an appropriate gift to get the kids to give grandparents. Grandma and grandpa shark are included in this set, but the same store also sells them singly.

    Grandma Grandpa Shark Mug Set ($34, JoyfulSips/Etsy

  • Facebook's Portal TV


    Distance can take a toll on any family. If grandma and grandpa don't live nearby, this gift helps alleviate that struggle by delivering crystal clear communication with grandparent-friendly technology. The Portal includes features that also enable grandparents to read stories and sing with the grandkids video-chatting from where they are.

    Facebook's Portal TV ($149, Facebook

  • Bamboo Cutting Board Design Grandma


    This is a beautiful gift is perfect for a grandmother who loves to cook. Complete with a semi-personal saying, grandma will feel totally spoiled with this gift. Not to mention, the bamboo is a nice touch.

    Bamboo Cutting Board Design Grandma ($30, Amazon)

  • 'The Love Between Family Knows No Distance' Hand-Painted Sign


    A hand-painted sign is a great way to show love for long distance family. It is hand painted and an eloquent way to say "I love you no matter the distance."

    The Love Between Family Knows No Distance Hand-Painted Wood Sign ($49, HoneySweetSigns/Etsy)

  • Digital Power Air Fryer


    It is no secret that air fryers are a hot gift this holiday season. This is perfect for grandparents who love to cook for themselves, or the grandkids, because it allows for healthy frying.

    5.3 qt Digital Power Air Fryer XL ($69, Target)

  • Grandkids Welcome (Others Tolerated) Doormat


    For grandparents who have just a little bit of a sarcastic flair, this is the mat for them. It's funny but also basically true.

    Grandkids Welcome (Others Tolerated) Doormat ($35, aDoorableMatCo/Etsy

  • Grandma Snow Globe


    This snow globe is absolutely beautiful and the personal engraving ties the whole gift together nicely. Grandma will love to add it to her collection.

    Grandma Snow Globe ($50, Things Remembered

  • Towel Warmer


    Sometimes, it is the little things in life that are special, like having a warm towel after a shower. It may not be what they asked for, but this creative gift is the perfect out-of-the-box gift for grandparents. 

    Towel Warmer ($120, Sharper Image)

  • New Grandparent Picture Frame


    This gift is a perfect celebration for the newbie grandparents--or even a great way to tell them! Put in the ultrasound as a replacement until the baby is born.

    New Grandparent Gift Picture Frame ($30, FramedGiftCo/Etsy

  • Tile Mate


    This gift is perfect for those forgetful grandparents. Place a tile on a phone, or other easily misplaced item, and if it's lost, just open the app to ping it. This bundle includes four tiles and a Google Nest Home Mini!

    Tile Mate ($70, Tile)

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