'What a Difference a Day Makes' Is the Sweetest Gift To Give This Holiday Season


The important moments in life make great art. And I don't mean just photos of those moments. The actual moments.

The day you were married, when a child was born, the day you adopted a pet, and anything that's important to you or someone in your life are worth remembering. Don't just write them down in your Google Calendar. Let an artist create a piece of art out of those dates -- or a collection of those dates -- and hang it on the wall.

  • How you became a family tree

    I love this framed family tree ($24.98). The tree, with birds in it, illustrates what the dates below explain: When each of you were born, when you got married, and when each of the children was born.

    Get it printed on canvas or paper, choose the colors, and enter the dates and names, and it will show up at your door ready to hang. 

    This is a wonderful anniversary present or a very sweet Christmas gift for the whole family. 

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  • No one will ever forget birthdays.

    Got kids? Put all their birthdays on this modern piece of art ($26) and give it to their grandparents. The kids will love seeing it when they visit. And the grandparents will love having it as a conversation starter about their adorable grandchildren.

    It serves a practical purpose too: It's a handy reminder of everyone's birthdays.

  • A personalized photo frame makes a cool gift.

    Is there anyone in your life who would not like this photo frame ($42.95)? The important dates that turned them into a family are listed on the left. A place to hang a 4x6 photo of that family is on the right. 

    You just found the perfect gift for your siblings, workmates, and yourself.

  • Rustic art for a farmhouse look

    Painted on wood, personalized with the dates that are important, and amazing, this artful plaque ($96) will hang in your house -- or the home of whomever you give it to -- for decades, reminding future generations of the love story behind the home. It's better than writing important dates in a book that might get lost, because this isn't going anywhere and is beautiful to look at.

  • Simple and clean, a gift for everyone

    This print ($17) is so simple and clean, you could use it as a gift for everyone on your list. Mark the dates of when everyone joined your workplace. Make one for all your siblings, with everyone's birthday. Make one for your spouse with all the important dates of your romance. Hang one in each of the kids' rooms. Make one for your parents, to memorialize their life story. The possibilities are endless.

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