Merlot Infused Coffee Is The Gift Every Mom Needs This Christmas

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When it comes to Christmas shopping, moms are usually the ones to get it done. In the months leading up to the holidays, moms are constantly listening for subtle hints from their kids, spouses, siblings, parents, spouses' families, and everyone else to get ideas for Christmas gifts. When the holiday season finally rolls around, moms know exactly what to buy. But what do moms want for Christmas?

  • Well, many moms just want the simple things — a day to sleep in, a homemade gift from the kids, and for her spouse to clean the house for once! If you're looking for something to buy for a mom in your life, though, look no further. We've found exactly what every mom wants, needs, and deserves this Christmas: Merlot Infused Coffee.

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  • That's right, Merlot Infused Coffee is the gift for moms this year. It's available to purchase at Uncommon Goods for just $20.00!

  • Here's Uncommon Goods' description of this coffee:

    For the finale of a great meal, you may be torn between the accompaniment of another glass of wine, or a comforting cup of coffee. But why not have both? These merlot-infused beans make the perfect after-dinner brew. The 100% Arabica beans are aged in oak wine barrels for a unique profile of fresh, red berry flavors and subtle hints of currants and blackberries. For the best flavor, add a small amount of sugar to this medium roast coffee. Caffeinated, but contains no alcohol. Made by John Jenkins in Orange, Virginia.

    If merlot infused coffee isn't your cup of tea (pun intended), there are other options!

  • Uncommon Goods also offers Bourbon Infused Coffee ($20), Hopped Up Coffee ($24), Merlot Infused Tea ($20), and Bourbon Infused Tea ($20).

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