Parents With a Dark Sense of Humor Will Love These Inappropriate Christmas PJs

etsy pjs

The holidays are a magical, joyous time, full of sweet sentimental moments and heartwarming banter. Frankly, this time of year can be a total sap-fest, and for some families "sweet and sentimental" just ain't their style. 

  • To those parents with a dark sense of humor, I present the mother of all inappropriate Christmas swag:

    Why yes, it DOES say "It's not going to lick itself" in case you did a double take. 

    These raunchy pjs are perfect for moms and dads who need a little extra fuel to get them through Christmas morning. After all, the kids will be none the wiser and will totally think we are just talking about candy canes.

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  • And yes my friends, they do come in sizes for the whole family. 

    Moms and Dads can rock PJs in sizes small to extra large for $39.99 a pair, kids' PJs are $24.99 and PJs for babies (YES BABIES) are $19.99.

  • Just picture mothers-in law receiving a holiday card with the family in these bad boys.


    I mean, one has to admit it would be a memorable holiday card for the books!

  • Make the holidays a little merrier with these silly PJs.

    Lighten up -- it's Christmas!

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