20 Handmade Toys That Are Cooler Than Store-Bought Ones

Mandy Velez | Dec 5, 2019 Shop
20 Handmade Toys That Are Cooler Than Store-Bought Ones
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Holidays come around every year, as does the time when Christmas or Hanukkah wish lists come out. Some parents get ahead of the shopping, while others wait until December. Well, because it is officially December, we wanted to help with the toy search. Even those who aren't parents can appreciate knowing what the hottest toys out there are, whether for their niece, nephew, or family friend. Retailers know how important toys are to kids around this time of year, so stores like Target and Amazon compiled 2019 lists of their own. And they are kinda what one would expect a modern-day toy list to look like: lots of technology, fun gadgets, updated board games, and toys that are related to the hottest new show or song (lookin' at "Baby Shark" fans). It's actually cool how there are toys available for all kinds of kids.

But nostalgia is a big thing with both grandparents and parents, especially millennials and Gen X'ers who think about the toys they played with. And how fun they were even if they came with no charging port or batteries. (This isn't to say that tech toys aren't good. They can actually be incredible tools for kids.) For the folks looking to throw it back a bit and get a toy that isn't mass-produced or possibly all plastic, options exist. Those options are homemade or DIY toys. Turns out, technology has made it possible for people to create small businesses to share their homemade items with the world, and that includes toys. From puzzles to airplanes and pretend campfires, there are lots of homemade toys online, many of which are on Etsy. They're detailed enough for kids to enjoy, but leave so much to the imagination.

We compiled some of our favorites that we found, just in case Santa wants a more simple set of gifts this year. Just be careful: The kids might not want to share them.

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