This Birthie Stick Baby Shower Gift Isn't at All What New Moms Expect To Unwrap

Birthie Stick prank box

Wracking your brain over what to give in your Secret Santa gift exchange this year? If you're giving a gift to someone who's expecting, we might be able to help you out there. Well, sort of. The folks behind Prank Pack, the company known for its hilarious prank gift boxes, are back at it again with a brand-new gift box to add to the holiday hijinks. It's called the Birthie Stick, which promises to up a birth experience times a million by letting you film your own face during childbirth -- from right between your legs! (Just what every woman has longed to do for centuries.)

  • Once the mom-to-be rips open the wrapping paper, she'll be greeted by an image of a smartphone suspended between the legs of a woman giving birth.

    "Bring your delivery to life!" a slogan on the box reads, alongside an image of a woman heaving her way through each contraction.

    Flip over the box, and you'll find many ideas for how to "turn precious moments into a viral sensation," along with images depicting the color options the phone mounts come in -- including pink, blue, or gender-neutral!

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  • Spoiler alert: The mom-to-be will definitely be horrified, and likely unsure of how to react.

    That is why you might want to have your own cellphone handy, to capture the stunned look of confusion (and disgust) written all over her face.

    And therein lies the hilarity.

  • Once she opens the box to see what's inside, she'll realize you got her good.

    That's because the Birthie Stick isn't really a selfie stick for giving birth -- it's just an empty gift box, out to fool unsuspecting friends and family members. 

    You can put your real gift (which hopefully is lightyears better than this one) inside the box, and your BFF will cry-laugh over the fact that, for a split second, she thought something was seriously wrong with you.

  • If this gift box looks familiar, that may be because these prank boxes have become somewhat of a holiday sleeper hit in the last few years.

    You may recall the infamous Crib Dribbler gift box of 2017, which went viral for appearing to house a crib-compatible "feeding system" that lets babies feed themselves while parents just kind of, well, do their own thing. For gullible parents, it was kind of perfect, because at first glance it looks like a real gift. (You know, until you realize that babies aren't gerbils and simply leaving food for them to help themselves would probably result in a visit from CPS.)

  • So these gifts aren't exactly the real deal -- but when it comes to some unexpected laughter, they'll bring it in spades.

    Each one is made of recycled cardboard and is pretty durable, which makes them easy to regift if your friend decides to prank someone else. Plus, the Birthie Stick is only $7.99 and is available through Amazon Prime. (So honestly, it's a no-brainer.)