I Tried 'Bump Boxes' & Every Pregnant Woman Should Sign Up for This Service

Being pregnant is a roller coaster from start to finish. It begins with butterflies, creeps into anxiety, moves to discomfort, and climbs back up into baby belly bliss over the course of those nine months. Whether you are a new mama or a seasoned pro, we can all agree that you need a little extra TLC during those pregnant months. One way to treat yourself during your pregnancy and beyond is to sign yourself up for a monthly subscription that is perfectly catered to your pregnancy needs. Bump Boxes can do just that for you.

Bump Boxes is a subscription service dedicated to delivering the safest, most chemical-free products to moms in every stage of their pregnancy. You can sign up for a 12-month, nine-month, six-month, or month-to-month subscription. Each box has five hand-picked products that work for your specific pregnancy needs, and if the baby arrives, there's a box made just for him or her. 

Prices for each subscription vary. Overall, costs don't exceed $39.99 per month. The best part? The full-size products inside can retail value for well over $60 per box. 

How do we know it's worth it? We had a trusted Truth Bomb Mom, Gabby Farrington, put the service to the test. Not only is she a seasoned mom with two kiddos earthside, but she's also in the last trimester of pregnancy with her third little bean and was obviously in need of a little TLC. 

Here's what she had to say about receiving her first Bump Boxes order:

  • My box was so quick to arrive and I absolutely LOVED the packaging upon opening it.

    bump box
    Lauren Gordon

     It was bright and fun and clearly thoughtfully put together -- the cards on top with all the product information were the icing on the cake. I was not only impressed with how many items were inside (especially for the price of the box), but also that each product was a full-sized product. I hate when I order subscription boxes and find dinky little travel sized products inside, so the full sizes in my Bump Box were MUCH appreciated.

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  • When I started digging through the Bump Box, I quickly realized they knocked it out of the park with regard to targeting my needs for a few reasons …

    Lauren Gordon

    I loved that they included products that targeted all facets of my life as mom and as a woman. I’m a mama and I still love to feel pampered from time to time but often feel guilty spending a little extra on myself.

  • It had the perfect mix of items for me and my future little nugget -- alleviating buyer's remorse while still satisfying my need to treat myself.

    bump box contents
    Lauren Gordon

    It was nice to see the ToGoSpa Eyes ($15) eye treatment included in the box as this is not something I would normally treat myself to! And then to see an item that every pregnant mama needs -- prenatal vitamins ($19) -- tucked in the box as well, was very exciting because it’s just one of those things you can’t and shouldn’t go without as an expectant mama. The laundry pods ($10.49) and multi surface cleaner ($6.99) were both such practical and useful inclusions and are sure to be used on a daily basis in my house. And then lastly, the Belly Stickers ($11.95) were such a sweet and thoughtful item as mamas are always looking for those cute ways to capture each precious milestone with a new baby, but we are often so caught up in the chaos of caring for older children while juggling the needs of a newborn that we forget to keep something like the Belly Stickers on hand. I can’t wait to document my little girl’s first year of life using the stickers. 

  • My favorite product though, hands down was the baby-safe surface spray/cleaner.

    Lauren Gordon

    As a mom of almost 3 children, cleaning is one of those tasks that literally never ends and I am always in search of products that are safe to use around my family. The Berkley Green Baby Multi-Surface Cleaner seems to be exactly that. I love that it’s practical and likely not a brand I would have discovered on my own.

  • In my opinion, this is an ideal gift for moms-to-be regardless of whether they’re a first time mama or a seasoned pro.

    Not only is it affordable (the total value of my on box was $63!), but what expectant mama wouldn’t love to open up a box full of full-sized products designed to make both pregnancy and postpartum a little easier?

    It becomes easy for pregnant moms to forget about themselves, as we do so much to prepare for our new little one, that we forget to treat ourselves a little. This box is the perfect way to give ourselves a treat!

    Treat you and your growing bump here and watch Gabby's full review above!

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