These Hallmark Harry Potter Ornaments Are Officially a 'Top Gift' on Amazon


The list of people you want to give gifts to this season is long. Your budget is short.

In your imagination, you would win the lottery, give everyone an elaborate gift that transforms their life, and take them on a fabulous vacation. 

In reality, you have to stay within the limits of a minuscule allowance. 

This isn't a problem; it's an opportunity! You have to be creative to give everyone something that they will adore and that will make them smile and think of you all through the season. 

These Harry Potter ornaments are it! They are adorable, inexpensive, and delightful. They will hang on the tree all the way through Christmas every year.

  • Harry Potter Hedwig Ornament

    Hedwig is so cute rendered as an ornament we can hardly resist her! She will love it in the tree and look adorable among the branches. Your only problem will be stopping the kids from taking the owl off the tree to play with her. Hallmark really nailed this Hedwig Ornament. She manages to be serious, cute, and pretty all at the same time.

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  • Ron on Broomstick Ornament

    We aren't sure the actor who plays Ron will approve of this rendering of his character riding a broomstick. He's so young, innocent, and cute. But we love it. Don't you just want to pinch his cheeks? 

    You don't even need to be a Harry Potter fan to want to hang the Ron on Broomstick Ornament on your tree. He's just crazy adorable.

  • Harry Potter Dobby Christmas Ornament

    Dobby the house elf is a lot cuter as an ornament than he is in the movies. Here he's smiling, healthy, pink, dressed, and ready to hang on a tree. Someone in your life adores Dobby, right? Even if they don't, everyone needs a house elf. 

  • Harry Potter Sorting Hat Ornament

    You will probably need several Harry Potter Sorting Hat Ornaments because everyone wants one of these on the tree. (Also to find out which house they belong in.) It doesn't scream Harry Potter. But fans will get it. It's classy, understated, and very, very cool.

  • Hermione on Broomstick Ornament

    All the girls on your list need to be reminded that, in many hero situations, it's the girls who have the smarts. Remember when Hermione was all youth and promise? This Hermione on Broomstick Ornament is from that era. She's cute, fierce, and the best at magic.

  • Harry Potter Quidditch Ornament

    Let's not forget about Harry! Here he is playing Quidditch -- his scar, glasses, red jacket, and broom an unmistakable emblem to the sport, Hogwarts, and everything you love about the stories. Do you know anyone who would not want to hang the Harry Potter Quidditch Ornament on their tree?

    We thought not. Stock up!

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