Wayfair Is Practically Giving Away Area Rugs at Under $100 for One Day Only


The weather outside is freezing. And inside, you are also freezing. If turning up the heat isn't warming up your home, take a look at the floors. 

Are they bare? 

Ouch. Bare floors make a room feel cold. And it's not just psychological. If the floors are bare and there is a garage or basement under them, rugs will help warm up the room -- psychologically and physically. They are a great insulator. 

They are also pretty! And right now -- but only for one day -- there is a massive sale on them at Wayfair! The prices are incredible. Don't miss this one.

  • Indira Abstract Gray

    This Indira Abstract Gray rug is an obvious choice. It's a durable low-pile rug you can put anywhere because it will stand up to foot traffic, pets, or whatever you throw at it. It's also big enough to transform a room with its lovely muted blue, gray, and taupe colors. 

    But the best part? It's on sale for $82.99 for a rug that's about 6x9 feet. That's a fantastic deal -- 72% off! This rug is normally $299.25 in that size.

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  • Brandt Burgundy Area Rug

    Or maybe you have a room that's too neutral and could use a pop of color. The Brandt Burgundy Area Rug will infuse it with a deep burgundy without pushing the color too far. This antiqued finish looks like something you found in an antique store -- without the moth holes. But this is a price you won't find in an antique store. This rug, in a room-filling 5x8 feet, is just $56.36 That's 59% off its everyday price.

  • Rabinowitz Terracotta Area Rug

    Trying to warm up your kid's room while keeping to a color scheme? Check out the Rabinowitz Terracotta Area Rug. It has a deep pile that will soften any falls, make a great spot to play with toys, and punch up the color to something more playful. It's easy to clean too. No into terracotta? There are lots of colors (and sizes) to choose from.

    This color in a 5x8 size is only $59.40.

  • Ericson Circles Red Area Rug

    Make your own bedroom more romantic by filling it with huge flowers. Like a piece of art on the floor, the Ericson Circles Red Area Rug will dial up the style in your bedroom and give your feet something warm and pretty to land on when you get out of bed. 

    This rug is going for an amazing $47.99 in the 5x8 size. (There is also a terrific runner if it's an entryway hallway, or a galley kitchen that needs dressing up.) 

    Don't miss the sale on this one. The everyday price for that rug is almost $200.

  • Andreasen Abstract Splash Black/Red/Yellow Area Rug

    Here's a colorful way to take the chill off the kids' game room and give it an aesthetic the kids will adore: the Andreasen Abstract Splash Black/Red/Yellow Area Rug.

    This might not work in a living room, with that powerful abstract, but it will hide a lot of ills and make a strong statement in a children's play area. And this closeout price of $42.99 for the 5x7.5 size means you won't worry if the kids spill on it. This is a great deal. It's normally $155.

  • Sunny Side Prismatic Unicorn Wish Black/Pink Area Rug

    Someone will love you if you drop this Sunny Side Prismatic Unicorn Wish Black/Pink Area Rug into her bedroom. It's adorned with unicorns and rainbows, but it's not a cheap-looking children's rug. These unicorns have a water-color artistry to them that you will enjoy too.

    It's on sale for $92.99, down from $101.99.

  • Ziva Contemporary Modern Boxes Power Loomed Yellow Area Rug

    Looking to warm up a mid-century modern living room? This Ziva Contemporary Modern Boxes Power Loomed Yellow Area Rug is perfect! The color scheme is spot on. The abstract design is exactly 1960s Americana. It has a nice, warm pile. And it's on sale for $93.37! This is normally a $249.99 rug!

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