Text 'Toy' to Target & Save 25% on Any One Toy or Book


It's already started. The kids are writing their annual impassioned letters to Santa. Once you get past the niceties, though, we all know those letters are a wish list of toys. But once the kids write those lists, they know they have to do their best to behave themselves to improve the chances of receiving the big toy on the list.

You know the one. Every other toy is there as a backup. But there is one toy that -- if it fails to show up under the tree -- will send those young hopes and dreams into a spiral of disappointment. 

Target gets this and wants to put that toy on sale for you. But it doesn't know which toy that is for your kids. 

So here's the plan: Text "TOY" to Target (827438), and you'll get a coupon delivered instantly to your phone for 25% off one toy, children's book, or craft activity kit.

Just in case you don't have access to that Santa letter, here are some of Target's most popular toys this year.

  • Our Generation Movie Theater

    Know someone who likes dolls? And going to the movies? She will love playing with this Our Generation Movie Theater. It comes complete with a ticket book, concession stand, theater, and marquee with letters for announcing what's playing. Compatible with any 18-inch-tall doll.

    All she needs is some popcorn and her imagination. It's $127.99, on sale, and a perfect candidate for that coupon.

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  • Jetson Strike Hoverboard

    Chances are high that a hoverboard is at the top of someone's wish list. Transportation that doubles as athletic play? In the world of a child, that ticks a lot of boxes. The Jetson Strike Hoverboard is ultra cool. The wheels light up. It has all-terrain wheels. And it's portable enough to carry anywhere. Who wouldn't want one?

    It's $149.99, though. So use your coupon!

  • Viro Rides Vega 2-n-1 Transforming Electric Scooter 

    Scooters are always high on kid wish lists. They are fun and cool, and they help you get around town. The Viro Rides Vega 2-n-1 Transforming Electric Scooter is a scooter that transforms into a bike, making it all of those things only more so.

    This is the sort of high-ticket item -- $299.99 -- you absolutely want to apply that 25% off code to.

  • Hot Wheels Colossal Crash Trackset

    Hot Wheels have been on kids' wish lists since the beginning of time, it seems. And this year is no exception. The reasons are solid: Once this gift comes out of the box, everyone drops whatever they were playing with to speed cars around the track and watch them crash. This continues for hours. Frisk any 6-year-old and you are likely to find a Hot Wheel in his pocket, just in case someone has this track. 

    The Hot Wheels Colossal Crash Trackset will be a huge hit. It's $99.99 for hours and hours of wholesome fun. (If you hurry, though, it's on sale for $89.99).  

  • Little Live Scruff-A-Luvs Real Rescue Electronic Pet

    Every time you go near a pet store where the animal rescue people have set up their offerings, the begging starts: "Can we get a kitten?" 

    You have to harden yourself, not only to the pathetic begging and pleading from your own adorable offspring who only want to care for something small and needy but also from the sad faces of those poor caged animals. No one warned you parenting was going to turn you into this heartless person, right?

    But that child is too young to take care of that kitten. One of them will get hurt.

    Enter the Little Live Scruff-A-Luvs Real Rescue Electronic Pet. It's cute. It's interactive. And it comes with an adoption certificate. No one will be harmed in this pet adoption. It's also on sale for $29.99 (normally $39.99), and you can use that coupon. 

  • LeapFrog RockIt Twist Green

    A toy that teaches and entertains at once? Yes. That's a toy you need, even if it's not on anyone's wish list. The LeapFrog RockIt Twist is the latest educational electronic toy from LeapFrog. It teaches reading, math, and other skills. But don't tell the kids. They want it because it's a portable gaming device that, for some reason, Mom doesn't take away after 30 minutes. 

    It's currently on sale at Target for $47.99. 

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