20 Sherpas & Fleeces Moms Can Rock All Fall & Winter Long

Mandy Velez | Oct 30, 2019 Shop
20 Sherpas & Fleeces Moms Can Rock All Fall & Winter Long
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Fall to winter transitional outfits, particularly "fall" jackets, are incredibly important. For one, having a staple piece that works in different seasons can save money. With the weather being unpredictable in fall, the mix of cooler and warmer days can make it hard to find the right pieces of clothing. It's good to have an autumn jacket to throw on when it turns cool. That said, some coats  will work for chilly fall mornings. We feel two kinds of jackets stand out from the rest. And those are (dum dum dum) sherpas and fleeces. They're warm, cozy and these days, more stylish than ever.

Now, as if things could not get more complicated, among the different types of jackets, there are different styles of these sherpas and fleeces. It's like any outfit, the material is the material, but the style can greatly vary. And this is a good thing, because it means that the wearer (hi, mama!) can choose the look that matches her style best. We kept this in mind when we gathered a bunch of fleece and sherpa looks for that perfect staple coat. 

Some of the choices are lighter than others. Some are warmer and more "fuzzy" while others have lining that is the sherpa or fleece material while the rest of the jacket is waterproof or a different material. Not all of these jackets work for rainy weather. Luckily, there are tons of options that are versatile. We have many of those styles below for the pickin'. Take a look at the coats below and pick the one (or few) that stand out. No matter the choice, rest assured the wearer will be hip and warm. There's a reason there's so popular and that is exactly it.   

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  • Fluffy Yarn Fleece Full-Zip 


    For those who love having options, this fleece comes in 12 colors. With a zipper front, and coming in at $29 it is a total steal. 

    Fluffy Yarn Full-Zip Fleece ($29, Uniqlo)

  • Half-Zip Sherpa Pull Over


    Soft, stylish, and available in five colors, this pull-over sherpa is a must-have this fall. It's designed with a front pocket, too, to keep hands nice and toasty. 

    Half-Zip Sherpa ($60, Gap)

  • Cozy Sherpa Fleece Jacket


    Averaging 4.4 out of 5 stars with over 100 reviews, this fleece is a safe bet for style and comfort. It also features a front zipper and slide pockets for keeping hands warm. 

    Plus Size Cozy Sherpa Fleece Jacket ($70, Lands' End)

  • Oversized Teddy Coat


    The teddy bear jackets are all the rage this season. Have one, too, with this oversized version from Forever 21.

    Oversized Teddy Coat ($32, Forever 21)

  • Sherpa-Lined Quilted Jacket


    This jacket combines the cozy feel of a sherpa with the classy style of a brand-name jacket. Wear it for formal or more laid-back events.

    Ralph Lauren Sherpa-Lined Quilted Jacket ($150, Macy's)

  • Fleece Lined Quilted Utility Jacket


    This jacket is stylish and practical with its sleek design. Plus, who doesn't love having some actual pocket space! 

    Fleeced Lined Quilted Utility Jacket ($88, Nordstrom)

  • Sherpa Pullover Hoodie 

    Sherpa Pullover Hoodie

    Fall and hoodies go together like peanut butter and jelly. Keep warm and cozy in this super fluffy sherpa that may be the most comfortable thing we've ever seen.

    Sherpa Pullover Hoodie ($50, Gap)

  • Contrast Sherpa Lined Jacket


    Beat the cold with this stylish sherpa-lined jacket. The exterior is black that is contrasted by a sherpa-lined (read: warm) interior. 

    Contrast Sherpa Lined Jacket ($31, Shein)

  • Plus Size Sweater Fleece Jacket 


    This cozy sweater received exclusively 4 and 5 star reviews. With this jacket, style does not have to be sacrificed for comfort. Throw it on for quick trips.

    Plus Size Sweater Fleece Jacket ($80, Lands' End)

  • Sandstone Sherpa-Lined Sierra Jacket


    For a more outdoorsy look, this teal Sierra jacket is the way to go. Carhartt is practical and tested, while also having that high-end look and quality.

    Sandstone Sherpa-Lined Sierra Jacket ($120, Carharrt)

  • Full-Zip Polar Fleece Jacket


    This full-zip fleece jacket is available in 18 colors and patterns, including classic black. Plus there is no beating Amazon prices.

     Full-Zip Polar Fleece Jacket ($21, Amazon)

  • Quarter-Zip Printed Fleece


    If prints are more preferable to solids, there's options for that. Spice it up with this cozy printed fleece available in four patterns. 

    Printed Fleece 1/4 Zip ($25, Stoneberry)

  • Levi's Ex-Boyfriend Sherpa Trucker 


    Lots of people may have an ex-boyfriend, but they don't have a jacket like this. It combines the trucker look with the softness of a sherpa.

    Levi's Ex-Boyfriend Sherpa Trucker ($90, Zappos)

  • Columbia Keep Cozy Fleece Jacket


    Columbia is a go-to brand every fall and winter. This fleece jacket can become a staple closet item every season.

    Columbia Keep Cozy Fleece Jacket ($100, Kohl's)

  • Fleece-Lined Pocket Front Hooded Coat


    For a gentler texture, we suggest this hooded coat from Shein. After all, beautiful and cozy is a great combination. Feel both in this fleece.

    Plus Fleece Lined Pocket Front Hooded Coat ($33, Shein)

  • Mauve Pink Polar Fleece Jacket


    This jacket is a great price, a good style, ultra comfortable, and comes in that baby pink color millennials can't get enough of. A quadruple win. 

    Mauve Brown Pink Polar Fleece Jacket ($42, Torrid)

  • Columbia Glacial Half-Zip Soft Fleece 


    This classy Columbia fleece comes in more than 30 colors. Not to mention it's possible to get a brand name for under $40.

    Columbia Glacial Half-Zip Soft Fleece ($35, Amazon)

  • Sherpa Crew-Neck Sweatshirt 

    Sherpa Crew-neck Sweatshirt

    This sweater is a perfect mix of warm and casual. Combine a great fall look with the comfortable feel of a sherpa. 

    Sherpa Crew-Neck Sweatshirt ($60, Gap)

  • Fleece Sherpa Lined Zip-Up Coat


    Long winter jackets are a popular choice for good reason. Keep the body warm from neck to thighs in this stylish pick.

    Fleece Sherpa Lined Zip-Up Coat ($47, Amazon)

  • Quarter-Zip Fleece Pullover 


    Whoever wants this pullover is sure to find a color they love with 18 options. It works for trips to the gym, a walk, or even the grocery store. 

    Quarter-Zip Fleece Pullover ($20, Amazon)

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