20 Gifts for People Who Are Obsessed With Astrology

Mandy Velez | Oct 30, 2019 Shop
20 Gifts for People Who Are Obsessed With Astrology
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If Instagram is any indication, the love for astrology is going strong. If anything, it seems to be more intense than ever. There have always been books about it, as well as websites, apps, and magazine articles about horoscopes. But with dozens of social media accounts making 'scopes and memes for all the signs of there, it seems to be more popular than ever. And it makes sense. Regardless of one's view on the zodiac is, the point is that astrology is fun and the stars are beautiful. People connect with it so much, signs are made into jewelry, folks get their symbol tattooed on their body (and there are a ton to choose from, too!). Baby name inspiration has stemmed from the stars and they are super cute names to be honest. The best part? People who love astrology make great people to shop for gifts for. It's unusual enough of a love (and gift area) to get something creative that they may not have thought to get for themselves.

But first things first. For those who aren't familiar with the signs, here's a quick overview. There are 12 signs and each represents a constellation in the sky and a time of year when someone is born. The signs are Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Gemini, Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Sagittarius, Libra, and Scorpio. Each sign has a symbol, like the lion (Leo), the crab (Cancer) or the scales (Libra), and each represent a personality "trait" those born as each sign are purported to have. Many find it intriguing because of the mystery of it and also due to the phenomenon of many people really relating to who the stars say they should be. Or how they should act. 

At the end of the day, stars are pretty and it's cool to feel represented, somewhere, even if it's being grouped as the "lion." They also make gorgeous jewelry and art as we found in our search for zodiac-related gifts. Like one who likes a sports team and buys the merch, the same goes for people who enjoy their horoscopes and sign. The scales or the "ram" symbol may mean something special to them. So why not turn that into a cool gift for them this holiday season? We rounded up a few options to choose from, all ranging in their functions. 

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  • Zodiac Candle


    Candles are soothing and they smell good. When they're catered to a specific sign, somehow they get even better. That is our case for a zodiac candle and there are a bunch on Etsy.

    Zodiac Candle ($12, AtoZCandles/Etsy)

  • Constellation Anklet


    We're bringing anklets back in style. These constellation ones are adorned with small cubic zirconias in the shape of the zodiac sign's constellation.

    Constellation Anklet ($19, Silesta/Etsy)

  • Mercury Retrograde Enamel Pin


    Dare we say the words, but everyone groans when a Mercury retrograde is on the horizon. Make light of an otherwise unfortunate zodiac time with a funny Mercury retrograde pin.

    Mercury Retrograde Enamel Pin ($12, LittleGoatPaperCo/Etsy)

  • Zodiac Constellation Printable


    Who doesn't love prints? For people who do, gifting a constellation print is an amazing gift for astrology followers. This version includes the location coordinated in the sky, too.

    Zodiac Constellation Printable ($10, TheCoordinatedType/Etsy)

  • Scorpio T-Shirt


    There's nothing like a good printed T-shirt. Wear one showing off a sign of one's choosing, though this one honors the Scorpios out there.

    Scorpio Shirt ($20, perfectteesonline/Etsy)

  • Sagittarius Constellation Ring


    There's no such thing as too many rings. Add this constellation ring to the collection of them -- it features the engraved image on a flat-circle ring top.

    Sagittarius Constellation Ring ($20, Francesca's)

  • Starry Sky LED Room Light


    Living indoors is the norm around these parts, but there's still a way to bring the stars inside. The Starry Sky LED Room light projects the "stars" on the walls or ceiling for a celestial night's sleep.

    Starry Sky LED Room Light ($10, Francesca's)

  • Zodiac Ring


    Speaking of zodiac rings, this one from Catbird is a higher-end version of the Francesca's version for those with a bigger astrological budget. It features an engraved version of a sign's symbol. 

    Zodiac Ring ($124, Catbird NYC)

  • Scorpio Floral Zodiac Constellation Sticker


    Decorating computers with stickers is 100% a thing for those in academia. If they're into astrology too they'll love this floral constellation sticker.

    Scorpio Floral Zodiac Constellation Sticker ($4, Society6)

  • Virgo Floral Zodiac Constellation Carry-All Pouch


    One can never have enough mini pouches. Use this floral constellation-print pouch to carry makeup, money, or change.

    Virgo Floral Zodiac Constellation Carry-All Pouch ($17, Society6)

  • Carte du Ciel I Duffle Bag


    Cart things around on a trip or sleepover and show off the love of the stars at the same time. It's possible with this duffle bag. 

    Carte du Ciel I Duffle Bag ($50, Society6)

  • Cancer Zodiac Constellation Throw Pillow


    Throw pillows add a decorative element to a room and show off personal style. This pillow features a constellation, and there are plenty more like it.

    Cancer Zodiac Constellation - Lavender Throw Pillow ($30, Society6)

  • 'Pocket Astrology'


    For those looking to learn more about astrology and its connection to a happier life, look no further than this pocket astrology book. Take it on the go for some starry reading.

    Pocket Astrology ($10, Anthropologie)

  • Silk Sleepmask


    Sleep is important to living our best life, and the stars don't need to align to know that. Make it easier to get restful shut-eye with a silk Sephora zodiac-themed sleep mask.

    Sleep Mask ($50, Sephora)

  • Zodiac Trinket Catch-All Dish


    A dish for holding rings, hair ties, and bobby pins helps keep things organized and also decorates a dresser or desk. This one features the sign's constellation on the lid and the name of the sign and attributes on the bottom inside.

    Zodiac Trinket Catch-All Dish ($18, Urban Outfitters)

  • Zodiac Profile Coasters


    Coasters are an adult way to show off interests while also being, well, an adult. They protect the table while giving guests something cool to look at.

    Zodiac Profile Coasters ($45, Uncommon Goods)

  • Scorpio Zodiac Mug


    Mugs will never go out to style. Get a matching set that shows off the sign of one's choice along with a partner mug that details its qualities. 

    Scorpio Zodiac Mug ($5, Bed Bath & Beyond)

  • Lunar Zodiac Dipping Bowls


    While many think of the stars when thinking about astrology, there are also Chinese horoscopes, which are determined by the lunar year one is born in. These dipping bowls feature Chinese horoscopes beautifully. 

    Lunar Zodiac Dipping Bowls, set of 6 ($54, Williams-Sonoma)

  • Sign Pillow Cover


    For a more sophisticated throw pillow, we suggest a darker hued cover, like this one from Amazon. It shows the symbol of the sign as well as its name.

    Sign Pillow Cover ($8, Amazon)

  • 'Astrology for Real Life: A Workbook for Beginners'


    The best way to understand astrology is to immerse oneself in it. Many reviewers say this is the workbook to do that, especially for beginners.

    Astrology for Real Life: A Workbook for Beginners ($17, Amazon)

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