Get Back Some Counter Space With This $30 Kitchen Organizer

kitchen organizer

Where are the scissors? Why is this dishtowel on the floor? Did the paper towels -- seriously? -- just fall in the sink?

Kitchen mayhem is a challenge to control. And when chaos rules, cooking is no fun at all. 

This Yamakazi Kitchen Rack-Magnetic Storage Holder & Organizer is a brilliant secret weapon in your organization arsenal. It gives you a place to stash often-used items in a handy spot, without drilling holes or installing anything. 

Just stick it to the fridge!

It's a bargain at full price. But, right now, it's on sale for only $30.08, making this a great time to start reining in the chaos.



Don't have an expanse of fridge door space available for this? Sometimes you can find a metal stud in the wall. Or, failing the awesome magnetic solution, you can use the included screws to mount it.

Now you can easily reach the hot mitts, paper towels, dishrags, oil, or spices. They are all right there -- organized tidily -- on the wall or fridge.

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