Move Over Gingerbread Houses; Oreo Just Debuted a Mouth-Watering Cookie House Kit

oreo cookie house kits
Big Lots

The holidays are basically here. Yes, I know it isn't even Halloween. Yes, I know the thought of present buying, house decorating, and family entertaining is overwhelming. But with all of the pressure we put on ourselves to have the perfect holiday, there are moments of joy and wonder we try to squeeze in over the festive season. Some families carol, some look at lights, and others take time to bake and make gingerbread houses together. However, we have a feeling that last tradition is about to change a bit thanks to Oreo's new (and actually delicious looking) cookie house kits. 


Oreo cookie house kits
Big Lots

Each Holiday Chocolate Cookie House kit includes prebaked chocolate cookie pieces, premade icing, Oreo cookies, Oreo mini cookies, decorative fruity gummies, and candy jewels. It retails for about $10, which isn't a bad investment considering snowy afternoons filled with "I'm boreds" are on the horizon. 

And yes, despite it not even being remotely close to actual Christmas, these kits are going fast. Many stores have sold out already, so it might be a good idea to preorder them if they happen to go out of stock. 

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