Target Has Parents' Backs With a Major Halloween Costume Sale Right Now


Are you ready? Halloween is now -- officially -- just around the corner. The time for wild imaginings about the elaborate joke you will be is over. It's time to get those costumes ready!

Fortunately, Target has timed this 25% off sale on Halloween costumes very well for those of us who dream big -- and then procrastinate.

There are costumes for adults, children, toddlers, babies, and pets. There are also accessories for those who want only a mask or ears to enhance a home-built outfit. 

You can get this done and have everything on its way to you in a few minutes.



Want to be something goofy like a hot dog or beer stein? Maybe you want to go classic? A witch perhaps? Or Jessie from Toy Story?

What are your kids planning? If they want to dress as their favorite superhero or in-game character, they will love the Captain Marvel costume. And this Uma getup from Descendants is full of attitude to get your girl in the spirit.

Whatever the plan, Target has you covered! 

And the prices are so low -- many less than $20 -- that you will be glad you procrastinated till now.

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