20 Fall Outfit Essentials You Can Get From Walmart Under $40 

Mandy Velez | Oct 16, 2019 Shop
20 Fall Outfit Essentials You Can Get From Walmart Under $40 
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Fall people, which is pretty much everyone, let's be honest, really, really love fall. We can't blame them. It's a great season. The weather cools down but isn't too cold yet. There are tons of outdoor activities, from pumpkin picking to hayrides and scenic hiking. One can wear just the right amount of clothing through layering, and it is a lovely thing. Speaking of fashion, fall fashion is one of the most fun seasons to dress for. It's a transitional season but one that allows for outfits to be shown off, unlike winter where heavy coats and jackets can hide them. Many people get their inspiration from the royals, like Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, both of whom have worn super chic autumnal outfits, and its totally possible to emulate those looks. Because one of the things that makes fall fashion fun is that it's not limited to one item. And so many options, like these Walmart looks, are all affordable under $40.

There are tons of fall outfit essentials to make a look complete, and one can add as few or as many as needed. Plus, these staples are truly that: They last. As long as its stylish and cozy, it's perfectly acceptable. It comes down to these staples: sweaters (layered over something else or not), jackets, boots, and accessories. We even threw in a fashionable pair of sweats that can be worn in public, they're just that cute. All of these staples come in different styles -- different versions of the same kind of item. And they can be mixed and matched, layered or used as that central staple piece.

The best part? Throw on a heavy coat and fall fashion can extend into winter. For people who live in warmer areas, it already does. Take a look at these affordable fall staples below and stock up for the season. Thank us later!

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  • Long Sleeve Pullover Sweater


    Longer sweaters are a fall staple. They can be worn over jeans, as shown, or with leggings. Dress them up with boots or booties or throw one on while lounging.

    Long Sleeve Pullover ($12)

  • Athleisure Knit Pant


    Speaking of lounging, nothing pairs better with cozy weather than sweatpants. These knit pants are cute enough to be worn as part of an outdoor outfit, too. 

    Athleisure Knit Pant ($13)

  • Athleisure Ottoman Tunic


    Going to the gym in the fall is a weird time. Before working out, it can feel chilly, but then the activity works up a sweat. This comfy tunic is a good in-between fall sweater to throw on when the post-workout glow is gone.

    Athleisure Ottoman Tunic ($20)

  • Denim Jacket


    The jean jacket is definitely on the imaginary top 10 list of "fall" specific apparel. This particular jean jacket comes with a medium-colored wash and fuzzy trim.

    Denim Jacket ($28)

  • Collared Long Teddy Jacket


    The "teddy" jacket has spiked in popularity over the last few years and the trend doesn't seem to be dying anytime soon. This one comes collared in black, white or rust.

    Collared Long Teddy Jacket ($34)

  • Sherpa Jacket


    Sherpas are having a moment. They're the ultimate combination of comfort and style and we could not recommend them more. This one is two-toned in ivory and gray.

    Snowtipped Jacket ($20)

  • Fleece Jacket


    Every fall outfit is elevated with a fleece, and having one in the closet is always a good idea. Wear it to work or out in the pumpkin patch.

    Fleece Jacket ($25)

  • Rib Cardigan With Belt


    For a lighter covering, but one that is still cozy, the cardigan makes a good choice. It can go with almost any style.This one has buttons down the front.

    Rib Cardigan with Belt ($17)

  • Ruffle Sleeve Sweater


    Sweaters are essential for fall. They're cozy but not too warm. And they can be layered if needed. The most popular style this season has ruffles or other details on the sleeves.

    Ruffle Sleeve Sweater ($16)

  • Lapel Collar Cardigan


    Open-front cardigans add flair to outfits and dress up plain long-sleeve shirts or sweaters. This one comes in a quintessential fall plaid. 

    Lapel Collar Cardigan ($26)

  • Knit Cardigan


    Knit cardigans are also a fall staple. This one completes a look with its textured pattern. Bonus: It has pockets!

    Knit Cardigan ($28)

  • Knit Boot


    Forget the little black dress. Women everywhere need a staple black bootie. It can be worn with jeans or dresses. 

    Knit Boot ($25)

  • Booties


    Speaking of booties, wedge booties add a touch of height while still being comfortable. This style comes in four classic fall shades.

    Booties ($30)

  • Suede Booties


    For a laid-back look that's also "put-together" we suggest a low-cut suede bootie. Blush will be the perfect pop of color on a fall outfit.

    Suede Booties ($36)

  • Knitted Gloves


    Fall is a mixed bag when it comes to weather. At first, it's not so cold, then as it turns to winter, the season can become much more brisk. These open-finger knitted gloves will make that transition cozy.

    Knitted Gloves ($6)

  • Oversized Blanket Square Scarf


    Scarves are a must-have when the weather gets chilly. A scarf can bring together a look and also provide extra warm without having to bundle up too much. The blanket scarf is totally on trend, too.

    Oversized Blanket Square Scarf ($13)

  • Plaid Scarf


    The cool thing about scarves is that they come in endless patterns and colors. This "blanket square" scarf will work so well with almost all fall colors.

    Plaid Scarf ($15)

  • Classic CC Beanie


    Ah the beanie. It is a laid-back look that never goes out of style. This one comes in an array of colors and can be worn well into winter.

    Classic CC Beanie ($11)

  • Wide Brim Floppy Felt Hat


    A more recently popular, and sophisticated, hat trend for fall is the brimmed hat. It makes for super chic Instagram pics from what we've seen.

    Wide Brim Floppy Felt Hat ($29)

  • Poncho Wrap Shawl


    One can't go wrong with a warm and cozy poncho. It brings flow to an outfit, it's fun, and it can be warm enough on its own during crisp fall weather, from hayride days to bonfire nights.

    Poncho Wrap Shawl ($26)

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