Sink Into Comfort & Serenity With Amazon's Best-Selling Weighted Blanket


Have you ever lain down for just a minute only to sink into the most delicious, restful nap? And then, no matter how hard you try, you can't re-create that magical moment on a schedule that would help you catch up on sleep?

Get under one of these YnM Weighted Blankets. Put the kids under one. You will find your nap. You will be able to call up that restful slumber whenever you -- or your child -- needs it.


There is something elemental about the comfort and restfulness a weighted blanket offers. Maybe because we evolved from sleeping under animal skins?

Whatever the reason, the result is awesome naps. And that's worth a lot. Fortunately, this weighted blanket is already a bargain -- $69.90 for a 10-pound kid-sized one -- and there is a $15 off coupon for it on Amazon.

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