Relive the '80s With These Rad Finds

Mandy Velez | Oct 7, 2019 Shop
Relive the '80s With These Rad Finds
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Given that millennials make up a huge portion of parents these days, it means that there are a lot of '80s and '90s babies who now have the title mom or dad. And that means they will appreciate the nostalgia that will come with the eras they grew up in. The '90s have plenty of nostalgia, so it is with glee and joy that we noticed Walmart dedicated an entire online shop the '80s. The 1980s were an amazing decade that's often overshadowed by the more recent 1990s and wild hair and fashion of the '60s and '70s. Of course, there were plenty of cringe-y things that '80s kids did that wouldn't fly at all today, but there's also really great gems from the period. There's big, like really big hair. Loud, colorful (read: semi obnoxious) fashion choices and makeup choices and some of the best pop culture nuggets of our time. We're talking Michael Jackson, Madonna, Sixteen Candles and more.

It's October, which means that if one would want to rock '80s outfits as their costumes, they could without judgement. There's ones relating to Ghostbusters to Back to the Future and more, which are movies that many people still know and love today. However, if one simply wants a little more '80s in their lives all the time, this is the list for them. We found a host of cool '80s relics that could be integrated in this day and age. Truth be told, lots of style choices from this time are already back (from jean jackets to crop tops.) But it's time some other cool things come back into the limelight. 

In Walmart's shop specifically, we found everything from costumes to accessories (wigs! wigs galore!) to popular games to shirts. There's also those classic movies to show the kids and vinyls of the music we all grew up on. Purple rain, anyone? So sit back and scroll through memory lane. See anything you want to bring back?

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  • 'Sixteen Candles'


    Sixteen Candles was part of a flurry of teen movies that came out in the 1980s and forever changed the landscape of "growing up" films. Break out the old DVD player and show it to the teens of this generation.

    Sixteen Candles ($10)

  • '80s Mullet Rock Wig


    Mullets are basically synonymous with the '80s. It's the horrible haircut everyone seemed to love but luckily has faded from style. Thanks to this wig, its possible to bring the look back, but only temporarily. 

    80's Mullet Rock Wig ($18)

  • 'Ghostbuster' 1980s Costume


    Watching the original movie is one way to remember Ghostbusters. Another way? Dress up as one of them for Halloween or any other event.

    Ghostbuster 1980s Mens Standard Costume ($49)

  • '80s Black Fingerless Lace Glovettes


    Speaking of dressing up, these Madonna-style fingerless gloves still look super chic (to us anyway.) Rock them with a costume or at a formal event. 

    80's Black Fingerless Lace Glovettes ($7)

  • '80s 12 Piece Bracelet Set


    For every generation of kids there seems to be a toy or trend that stands out above the rest. Today, that's slime. Back in the '80s, these rubber bracelets were all the rage.

    80's 12 Piece Bracelet Set ($3)

  • 'Thriller' (Vinyl)


    Michael Jackson was a big part of the '80s. From being part of the Jackson 5 to creating his standalone music, his music is part of history. It's available still, as a vinyl at that, from Walmart.

    Thriller (Vinyl) ($16)

  • 'Born in the USA' (Vinyl)


    That song that nobody can get out of their heads? That's part of the Born in the USA album also made popular during the '80s. It's also available in vinyl. 

    Born in the USA (Vinyl) ($20)

  • 'Purple Rain' (Vinyl)


    OK, one more vinyl record to add to the collection because they were a big deal in this decade, as was Prince. His Purple Rain album is one of the most iconic.

    Purple Rain (Vinyl) ($23)

  • Pacman Arcade Machine


    Pacman has to be on the list of most popular '80s game, or game, period, to exist. And turns out, the arcade game can actually exist in one's home for less than $300. Best basemen accessory, ever. 

    Pacman Arcade Machine ($299)

  • Sega Genesis Classics


    We'd be remiss to talk about old-school games and not bring up Sega's Genesis. Relive the glory days with the Xbox One version.

    Sega Genesis Classics ($20)

  • Polaroid OneStep 2 i-Type Camera


    Polaroids have made a strong comeback, but kids these days snapping their pics have no clue what it was really like to take a Polaroid photo. This vintage-looking one gives a better idea. 

    OneStep 2 i-Type Camera ($120)

  • Sega Genesis Classic Game Console


    While we shared the Sega game, it's entirely possible that not many people have the actual console. It was from the '80s after all. It's available again, however, thanks to Walmart and its love of all things '80s. 

    Sega Genesis Classic Game Console ($50)

  • My Arcade Pac-Man Pocket Player


    If a big Pac-Man arcade game is too large for the home, one can still play it with the Pac-Man pocket player. The handheld video game will transport whoever plays it back to the good 'ole days. 

    My Arcade Pac-Man Pocket Player ($35)

  • Fanny Pack


    Fanny packs are another accessory from the past that has made a resurgence in today. Celebrate the decade with one featuring fun designs. 

    Fanny Pack (2 pack) ($11)

  • MTV Women's Floral Logo Racerback Tank Top


    Back in the 1980s, MTV still played music. What a time! Commemorate the era of the channel with a tank top with the company's logo.

    MTV Women's Floral Logo Racerback Tank Top ($18)

  • Scoop Trucker Jean Jacket


    Jean jackets never go out of style, but this one is reminiscent of times past. It's cropped above the hips and features rolled-up sleeves. 

    Scoop Trucker Jean Jacket ($37)

  • Mesh Sheer Long Sleeve See-Through Top


    An '80s night will be totally hot with this decade-appropriate fishnet top. If Madonna can wear it, anyone can.

    Mesh Sheer Long Sleeve See Through ($7)

  • Men's Nintendo 'Racoon Super Mario' Tee


    No man was more popular in the gaming world and beyond than Mario from the Mario Bros. He's still around, but for those born in the '80s, this T-shirt with him front and center is a good way to spread the news. 

    Men's Nintendo "Racoon Super Mario" Tee ($18)

  • Jordache Super Skinny Jean


    All hail the skinny jean! They're around now but these in particular come with the specific-to-the-'80s light acid wash. I mean, who knew we'd be rocking our mom's mom jeans in 2019?

    Jordache Super Skinny Jean ($12)

  • Prive Revaux 'The Explorer' Sunglasses


    All the "hot" guys in '80s movies had these sunglasses. Now we can buy them, too. They also have Super Troopers vibes which wasn't until 2001, but to each their own.

    Prive Revaux "The Explorer" Sunglasses ($20)

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