Get an Entirely Dishwasher-Safe Cookware Set for Only $65


It's time to rise up against mismatched pans, pans that are hard to clean, and that pan you've always hated!


Because, right now, you can get a complete T-fal Initiatives Nonstick Inside and Out Dishwasher-Safe Cookware set for only $64.86. (It's normally $78.52.) There are 18 matching pieces!

The set includes a handy griddle, a couple of omelet pans, a big pot for boiling water and stocks, several saucepans, a tiny butter melter, a slotted spoon, a spatula, a ladle, and more. It's everything you need and -- did I mention? -- it all matches! (It matches!) 

It comes in red or black. There are tempered glass lids so you can see what you're cooking. And whatever color you pick? It all matches!


Probably the best part about this set, though, is that you can put all of it in the dishwasher. Cleaning up after dinner is so simple. Get the machine to do it!

This is a ceramic nonstick surface so it doesn't come apart in the dishwasher. Foods don't stick to it. You don't have to baby it. But it actually comes clean when you put it in the dishwasher.

See? It's time for a revolution in the kitchen!

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