40 Toys To Get Toddlers This Holiday Season

Mandy Velez | Nov 20, 2019 Shop
40 Toys To Get Toddlers This Holiday Season
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Between kids' parties in fall and the gift-giving season that is the holidays, this time of year is filled with opportunities to give kids toys. And by opportunities, we mean obligations. Thankfully, toddlers are a fun age to buy for because they're old enough to know what they're playing with but young enough not to care. There are no "it" toys for toddlers. As long as it sparks their imagination or is something they can touch, they'll love it. Now, there have been lots of toy predictions out there for kids for the upcoming holiday season. From Barbie to Paw Patrol, toys include classics as well as brand new concepts. We tried to compile the toys that are somewhat ageless. Some parents might even recognize these toys as the ones they grew up with.

At least in the toddler category, there are lots of toys to choose from. Some help kids learn their letters, numbers, or shapes. Others are just fun and spark their creativity. The toys can be less about pop culture and simply about being a kid. Think about it: This is the age where little ones can put on a smock and enjoy painting or drawing. They can carry around a purse and pretend to be like mama. They can zip around on a little trike and pretend it's a car. Honestly, their minds do all the work; the toys just make it a bit more fun. 

From Melissa & Doug to Easy Tikes, we found classic, new and educational toys that toddlers will love. Some can be played with in a quiet way, whereas others are more active (or noisy). And lots of them can help toddlers get out their energy. And whether they receive toys from Santa or for Hanukkah, they'll be able to enjoy them all year.

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  • Melissa & Doug Pounding Bench 


    Hammering is fun, no matter what age a child (or adult) is, which is why this Melissa & Doug pounding bench makes for a wonderful toddler toy. It can also help kids hone their fine motor skills.

    Melissa & Doug Pounding Bench ($10, Amazon)

  • Easy Tikes Basketball Set


    This toy has become a classic, and it's truly worth getting considering how long it's lasted throughout the generations. Kids can put the ball through the hoop from the time they're tikes until they outgrow the net (which can be adjusted).

    Easy Tikes Basketball Set ($35, Amazon)

  • Toy State CAT Mini Machine Construction Toy Set


    Speaking of classic toys, the dump trucks in this CAT construction set make the list. Kiddos can pretend to build and dig with each piece of construction equipment. (This epic set comes with five, making it perfect to share among kids.)

    Toy State CAT Mini Machine Construction Toy Set ($25, Amazon)

  • VTech Click and Count Remote


    Remotes are basically adult toys, so it's no surprise toddlers want to play with them too. Give them (and the grownups watching TV) the best of both worlds with a "click and count" remote of their own. 

    VTech Click and Count Remote ($10, Amazon)

  • Zoo-Ominoes


    Apart from being an interesting game in itself, much of the fun of playing with dominoes comes from lining them up only to push them down. Kids can do that now with these zoo-themed "domino" blocks.

    Zoo-Ominoes ($30, Fat Brain Toys)

  • Take Along Shape Sorter


    Learning shapes is a lot more fun when it's a game. The shape sorter is a toy that kids love and learn from all at once. 

    Take Along Shape Sorter ($14, Fat Brain Toys)

  • My First Purse Play Set


    There's that image of little girls (or boys) walking in their mom's heels 10 sizes too big with her purse taking over half of their little bodies. Now they can have a purse of their own that's just their size to carry their essentials.

    My First Purse Play Set ($25, Bloomingdale's)

  • Little Tikes Activity Garden


    Foster the world toddlers create in their heads with this activity garden. It comes with a shape sorter mailbox, lookout, toy telescope, and more.

    Little Tikes Activity Garden ($80, Bed, Bath & Beyond)

  • VTech Musical Rhymes Book Classic Nursery Rhymes


    Music is fun, and so many children love the idea of singing songs. Combine play and music with a VTech nursery rhymes book. 

    VTech Musical Rhymes Book Classic Nursery Rhymes ($15, Walmart)

  • Radio Flyer Kid's Scoot 2 Pedal Scooter


    Keep kids active (or tire them out, mom's choice!) with a safe pedal scooter set. The wheels are wide for a stable ride that kids can scoot or pedal around on.

    Radio Flyer Kid's Scoot 2 Pedal Scooter ($40, Target)

  • Step2 Great Creations Art Center Desk


    For the creative kiddos out there, this art center desk might be the perfect gift. There's a desk with a bench as well as an easel area for painting. It has built-in trays to store and organize art supplies.

    Step2 Great Creations Art Center Desk ($87, Walmart)

  • Airport Playset


    Airports aren't usually fun for adults, but they can be for kids. Have them pretend to be pilots with this airport playset that also comes with a baggage cart and terminal. 

    Airport Playset ($60, Fat Brain Toys)

  • VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Launch and Chase Police Tower


    Ready, set, vroom! That's what kids will be able to do on this Smart Wheels Launch and Chase Police Tower. It's interactive with lights, sounds and "multiple tracks levels, dual ramps, trap doors, switch tracks and road barriers."

    VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Launch and Chase Police Tower ($28, Target)

  • Melissa & Doug Wooden Beauty Salon Play Set