Scare Kids Off the Lawn With These 3 for $12 Spooky Hanging Figures

Party City

Halloween is the best, right? Cosplay comes out of the closet. Everyone gets candy. And the entire neighborhood competes to see who can make their house so scary no one will willingly ring the doorbell for the rest of the year.

How's your lawn-terror game this year? If it could stand a scary upgrade, you need one of these creepy lawn creatures from Party City

The Evil Clown is particularly terrifying. Clowns don't even have to be ethereal and undead to scare us. But this one is all of that plus it has arms you can pose so they look ready to grab your victims. Shudder.


There is also a Creepy Girl, some grim reaper options, and a Giant Green Witch. You don't have to choose, though, because they are three for $12. Stock up! Halloween comes every year.

Pro tip: Hang one where it can't be seen until your visitors are almost on top of it. But be warned: There will be screaming! (And the smaller trick-or-treaters might not make it to the front door.)

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