20 Halloween Costumes for Girls to Get Excited About That Aren't Just Princesses

Mandy Velez | Sep 24, 2019 Shop
20 Halloween Costumes for Girls to Get Excited About That Aren't Just Princesses
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Halloween season is basically here if the stores selling decorations and costumes have anything to do with it. While some may feel its a little soon for that (not us), it's never too early to start looking for a costume. If the kiddos haven't already asked or told anyone what they're going to be yet, now is a fine time to get the conversation going. That would put someone into the more Type A parent category -- the person who has time to plan and creates a costume that's 'gram-worthy. Of course, we know there's the second type of parent out there who is a bit more last-minute. They're not prone to the costume fails, but every year is a new chance at redemption. There are plenty of costume ideas out there, but they tend to be a bit heteronormative. Also, not culturally appropriating a group's, well, culture, is key. After that, the possibilities are endless and we're here to help.

Now we know princess will be the choice for lots of girls out there (and maybe boys). There's nothing wrong with girls wanting to be princesses, but this list is a reminder there are other costumes out there for girls. If a girl is looking for a Halloween costume that exudes strength, or pays homage to a strong female figure, she should totally be that for Halloween. From historical figures like Harriet Tubman to modern-days ones like Beyoncé and Ruth Bader Ginsberg, to the super heroes she knows and loves, there's a plethora of ideas for interesting and empowering girls Halloween costumes. Pop culture characters are also included. For many of the ideas, mom can buy a costume at a store, but there's no reason why one couldn't get creative with a DIY costume.

After the girls are taken care of, moms can figure out their costume ideas. Some of these ideas could also translate into adult costumes. And if there are any pregnant ladies out there, we have them covered, too. Take a look at the options below to get the Halloween ball turning. Princesses and fairies come and go, but female heroines are forever.