20 Spooky Home Decor Items for Moms Who Can't Wait for Halloween

Mandy Velez | Sep 12, 2019 Shop
20 Spooky Home Decor Items for Moms Who Can't Wait for Halloween
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Hocus Pocus pillow

Like lipstick colors, home decor can change with the seasons. Darker colors work in the colder months while lighter, fun colors will make a home look more summery. Fall calls for plaids, browns, reds, and greens, but thanks to all of the holidays that happen during this time, there's a prime opportunity to decorate a living space multiple times this season. One of the most fun holidays to decorate for is Halloween. And given the stretch of time from Labor Day in early September to the holiday late October, there's plenty of time to do it.

The holiday doesn't speak to everyone, but for those who it does have a big impact on, it's insanely fun to turn the living room in a land of skulls and pumpkins, through tattoos or home decor. It's one of those holidays where "adult" decorating rules need not apply. Like, it's the one time of year that people dress up in wild and funny outfits -- pregnant women included

Spooky season is a chance to take a break from the real world and enjoy the dark or unknown. Or, as one will notice below, pay homage to those favorite childhood Halloween movies. That means the decoration rules are all off the table, too. With stores stocking the shelves right after Labor Day, there's plenty of time to find the items one needs to create the spooky oasis of their dreams. Or, rather, nightmares.

Traditionally, people think of Halloween decorations as plastic gravestones on front lawns and animated skeletons on the porch. For some, it means lots and lots of fake spider web on railings. But decorating for Halloween doesn't have to entail turning the home into a pseudo haunted house. There's tons of small ways to pay homage to the holiday. Sure, it can get a kitschy or as creepy as desired. But minor Halloween touches are cool, too, and doable with some of the decor items we gathered and listed below. Whether it's a glass pumpkin, pumpkin-shaped candle, Halloween-themed throw blankets, or front-door wreaths, each item has its own spook level. The best part? They're all treats -- no tricks here.

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  • Stop in for a Spell Door Mat


    Give off spooky, witchy vibes as soon as visitors get to the front door. This door mat reading "Stop in for a Spell" should do the trick. Who wouldn't want a spell, right?

    Stop in for a Spell Door Mat ($33, Hayneedle)

  • Orange Pumpkin Figure Candle


    The only thing better than a fall-themed candle is one shaped like a pumpkin. It'll basically be a mini pumpkin patch in the home.

    Orange Pumpkin Figure Candle ($8, Cost Plus World Market)

  • Gold No Evil Skull Decor


    Bring the Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil into the home this Halloween. These chic skulls make an excellent centerpiece, and are dare we say, to die for?

    Gold No Evil Skull Decor ($20, Cost Plus World Market)

  • 'Hocus Pocus' Coasters


    Calling all Hocus Pocus fans! These coasters featuring the silhouette of the witches and a glorious quote are a small but amazing way to bring in the spooky season.

    Hocus Pocus Coasters ($32, Redbubble)

  • Spooky Throw Pillow


    Halloween doesn't always have to be scary. A throw pillow like this one featuring an adorable pumpkin screams October and Halloween just as much as any creepy skulls.

    Spooky Throw Pillow ($20, Redbubble)

  • Witch's Brew Book Stack


    Another way to add a subtle Halloween touch is by displaying Halloween-themed books. They're not the easiest to come by, so this pre-stacked tabletop faux book set from Michael's is a great addition to the decor.

    Witch's Brew Book Stack ($18, Michaels)

  • Halloween Garland


    Garland has a way of adding a seasonal touch to a room. This Halloween pom-pom garland from Etsy will look Halloween chic over a doorway or mantle.

    Halloween Garland ($20, GracieAndMarie/Etsy)

  • Peanuts Halloween Tabletop Tree


    Fans of It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown will love this lighted Peanuts-themed tabletop centerpiece. It's a tree decorated by the gang with everything one could ever want relating to Halloween. 

    PEANUTS Halloween Tabletop Tree ($135, The Bradford Exchange)

  • 'Hocus Pocus' I Smell Children Pillow


    OK, is it obvious we're fans of Hocus Pocus over here? This throw pillow will match those witchy coasters. Even on its own, its a pretty rad piece of decor. Or shall we say, creepy. 

    Hocus Pocus I Smell Children Pillow ($39, MrsDDCrafts/Etsy)

  • Ronan Plaid Throw Blanket


    Sometimes, there are Halloween-lovers who want to celebrate the season in a less obvious way. Having a red and plaid (aka fall-style) throw blanket can really make a room feel a little more like October.

    Ronan Plaid Throw Blanket ($49, Pottery Barn)

  • The Witch Is In Hanging Sign


    Let people know when the witch is in (hehe) with a hanging door sign from Etsy. It's a cute way to welcome guests and can be put under a wreath.

    The Witch Is In Hanging Sign ($15, giftday777/Etsy)

  • Light-Up Unicorn Color-Changing Skull


    Unicorns are a mythical creature fan favorite, so it makes sense they're part of the skull rotation during Halloween. It may go well, or not so well, with the kids if they're fans of happy alive ones, but that's up to mom to decide.

    Light-Up Unicorn Color Changing Skull ($18, Target)

  • Recycled Glass Pumpkin Cloche


    Who says Halloween can't be refined? These glass pumpkins can make a stylish centerpiece or mantle accent. 

    Recycled Glass Pumpkin Cloche ($30, Pottery Barn)

  • If You Got it, Haunt it Throw


    A throw blanket is an underestimated way to add some holiday flair to a room. A black one that says "If You Got It Haunt It" is a cheeky way to make it happen.

    If You Got it, Haunt it Throw ($83, Wayfair)

  • Tall Iron Lantern


    Lanterns are associated with an earlier time in history and Halloween (there's always some sort of dungeon with them.) But lanterns also make chic decorative items. Get it during the holiday season but it's perfectly fine to keep it all year long.

    Tall Iron Lantern ($59, Wayfair)

  • Haunted Burlap Table Runner


    Host a haunted dinner party that'll make the ghoulish of ghouls jealous. The runner features haunted house scenes on burlap. 

    Haunted Burlap Table Runner ($13, Amazon)

  • Lit Spooky Wreath


    Fall wreaths are fine, but Halloween ones are better. This wreath comes in a black, witches-broom type texture and has little bats flying around.

    Lit Spooky Wreath ($47, Pottery Barn)

  • Halloween Skull Pillow Covers


    OK, we can't get enough pillows and pillow covers. They're easy to change out and match to the season. These skeletons are fun but still a little spooky.

    4 Pack Halloween Skull Pillow Covers ($15, Amazon)

  • 'Harry Potter' Printed Wall Banner Slytherin


    A Slytherin banner isn't strictly Halloween, but the time of year is a great excuse to show some Howgwarts house pride. Hang it up and pour one out for Snape.

    Harry Potter Printed Wall Banner Slytherin ($17, Target)

  • Felt Bats


    Bats scream Halloween, but there's a way to show them off in a classy way. These felt bats come in a set of 12 with wall-safe adhesive strips. 

    Assorted Felt Bats ($19, Grandin Road)

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