40 of the Hottest Holiday Toys at Target That Will Be Topping Kids' Lists

Mandy Velez | Sep 13, 2019 Shop
40 of the Hottest Holiday Toys at Target That Will Be Topping Kids' Lists
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The holidays officially here! And for most families, this means gifts. And if that's not the style of some families (hey, we don't judge!) there will always be a new crop of birthday parties. At the least, those certainly will require some sort of toy gift at some point. Target is anticipating this and has parents' backs, as the store just released its top toys of 2019 list. At the least, it knows there are planners out there, or folks who may start thinking ahead for the festivities.

Target says its also ramping up the quality of its toys and making sure customers know they can come there for their child's play needs. It's expanded its toy inventory to include over 10,000 items, so this list is guaranteed to be comprehensive.

"In 2018, we made strategic investments to position Target as the ultimate destination for toys, including an expanded assortment and playful, reimagined in-store and digital experiences," Christina Hennington, senior vice president, merchandising at Target, said in a press release. "This year, we're building on that success. Coupled with our expanded fulfillment options, including our popular same-day services, we're making it easier than ever for families and gift givers to choose Target this holiday season."

Some toys are well-known, while others are may be exclusive to Target, but all are big hits this year and good to have on the toy radar the next few months.

Another cool thing? The toys are diverse based on big names and classic titles alike. There's Barbies, Beyblades, board games, gaming systems, and more. Basically, there's something for every kid -- maybe even adults who are kids are heart. Again, we don't judge!

The brand also says it plans to have more in-store events for kids over the next few months and make more toy announcements soon. But this top toy list is an amazingly fun place to start.

  • Ryan's World Mega Mystery Treasure Chest


    Treasure chests are a classic kid ruse and this one from Ryan's World delivers on that. The pirate's booty includes mystery figures, Build-a-Ryan figures, gold coins, gem putty, and of course, skeleton keys to unlock the surprises.

    Ryan's World Treasure Chest ($80, Target)

  • Animal Planet Extreme T-Rex Adventure Playset


    Dinosaurs are fan favorites in the kid department -- so it's no wonder that a toy T. rex would top the toy list. This set has everything to recreate a Jurassic world, from the T. rex figure, a smaller dinosaur, plane figure, and treehouse.

    Animal Planet Extreme T-Rex Adventure Playset ($40, Target)

  • PAW Patrol Super Mighty Pups Lookout Tower


    The Mighty Pups will be ready for whatever comes their way with a Lookout Tower. It features a real, working telescope and an elevator to bring the patrollers up and down the tower.

    PAW Patrol Super Mighty Pups Lookout Tower ($100, Target)

  • PJ Masks PJ Seeker


    Villains don't stand a chance against this PJ Seeker from PJ Masks. They have lights, sounds, and a detachable carrier that can fit up to four vehicles. There's also a pull-out ramp and side door. 

    PJ Masks PJ Seeker ($55, Target)

  • Our Generation Movie Theater Playset


    Dolls have playhouses, cars, and pools, but movie theaters? They do now, thanks to this Our Generation movie theater that features a ticket booth when closed, and on the inside it has seating, a movie screen, and popcorn machine.

    Our Generation Movie Theater Playset ($150, Target)

  • Barbie Malibu House


    Speaking of dollhouses, classics will never go out of style, and neither will a Barbie house like this one. Per its description, this two-story home features six rooms including a kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom, bathroom, and outdoor patio. It comes with furniture to match.

    Barbie Malibu House ($100, Target)

  • L.O.L. Surprise! Amazing Surprise

    L.O.L. Surprise! Amazing Surprise

    L.O.L. Surprise toys are all the rage, but a special "Amazing Surprise" is coming soon and Target believes it will top the best toys of the year charts. Given their popularity, we think so too.

    L.O.L Surprise Toys (prices vary, Target)

  • Jetson Strike Hoverboard


    It is 2019, so a best toy list wouldn't be complete without a hoverboard. This one features all-terrain wheels with LED lights on them and 100% electric power.

    Jetson Strike Hoverboard ($150, Target)

  • Viro Rides Vega 2-in-1 Scooter


    A scooter is a must-have for the adventurous kid and certainly makes playing outside much more fun. The Viro Rides Vega Scooter is an electric scooter that also transforms into a mini bike with a battery life of up to 40 minutes.

    Viro Rides Vega 2-in-1 Scooter ($300, Target)

  • Hot Wheels Colossal Crash Trackset


    Hot Wheels tops the toy list again, this time with its brand new 2019 Colossal Crash Trackset. It's layout is 5 feet wide, making it this company's biggest track yet.

    Hot Wheels Colossal Crash Trackset ($100, Target)

  • Beyblade Burst Turbo Championship Clash Battle Set


    Beyblade battles reached an apex this year with the Championship Clash battle set, landing it a top spot on the top toy list for 2019. Along with the Beystadium, the toy comes with two right/left-spin launchers, six battling tops, and a bracket notepad to track tournament progress.

    Beyblade Burst Turbo Championship Clash Battle Set ($80, Target)

  • Marvel 'Avengers: Endgame' Titan Hero Series


    This Marvel Avengers: Endgame set, based on the 2019 movie, have all of the film's favorites (in a 12-inch size). Kids will love it, but it also makes a solid collectors' item.

    Marvel Avengers: Endgame Titan Hero Series ($80, Target)

  • Monster Jam Mega Grave Digger RC


    It doesn't get any more monster than this Monster Jam Mega Grave Digger truck. It's lightweight but strong enough to roll over obstacles in its path. Another cool feature: it can be controlled from up to 250 feet away.

    Monster Jam Mega Grave Digger RC ($100, Target)

  • Fortnite Jumbo Loot Llama Piñata


    Fortnite be one of the most talked about, or danced to, game in 2019. And this is why kids will love the Jumbo Llama Piñata. Instead of candy, it's filled with "two 4-inch figures, weapons, back bling, exclusive building materials, and so much more."

    Fortnite Jumbo Loot Llama Piñata ($71, Target)

  • Cry Babies Interactive Baby Doll


    Baby dolls have been a beloved staple toy for longer than we could ever know, but in 2019, these Cry Babies dolls top the list. To a child's delight, the baby cries real tears and makes realistic baby noises.

    Cry Babies Interactive Baby Doll ($50, Target)

  • Little Live My Real Rescue Pink Scruff-a-Luv


    OK, this adorable My Real Rescue animal aka "Scruff-a-Luv" will warm the hearts of any little one. It's the perfect way to soothe those "can we get a cat" requests. For now!

    Little Live My Real Rescue Pink Scruff-a-Luv ($40, Target)

  • Buffalo Games Classic Pinball Board Game


    Get excited, this retro game is coming back, and hopefully the kids will want to share. The classic pinball board game can be played alone or in groups. It also travels well.

    Buffalo Games Classic Pinball Board Game ($38, Target)

  • #SNAPSTAR Pop Royalty: Echo's Debut on the Pink Carpet


    As the name of the toy makes clear, it's Echo's debut on the PINK carpet, and kids can play out that moment with the exclusive toyset from Target. She comes wearing a full-length blue dress and purple heels, plus other accessories and "pink carpet, pretend TV camera and microphone for the media interviews, a working spotlight, three gold stanchions with two pink ropes."

    Snapstar Pop Royalty: Echo's Debut on the Pink Carpet ($25, Target)

  • Fisher-Price Linkimals


    They may not remember them, but babies' toys matter, too, and lots of them loved the Linkimals this year. The sloth's belly features lights and interactive buttons for baby to explore and also "claps its hands and bobs its head along to fun lights, songs and music."

    Fisher-Price Linkimals ($30, Target)

  • LeapFrog RockIt Twist


    For the tech-savvy types, this LeapFrog game provides a stimulating but fun interactive experience for kids. It features 12 different games that helps teach literacy, math, and more. Bonus: It also has RockIt pets that can be hatched.

    LeapFrog RockIt Twist ($48, Target)

  • Nintendo Switch


    Nintendo games rule, and the technology is keeping up throughout the years. Just check out the Nintendo Switch which kids can play at home or on the go, alone or with friends.

    Nintendo Switch ($300, Target)

  • Really Rad Robots Turbo Bot


    The Turbo Bot is another toy that proves it really is 2019. It's a robot (controlled by the child, of course) that can go wherever he or she wants it go. It can spin, dance, and explore!

    Really Rad Robots Turbo Bot ($50, Target)

  • Owleez


    It's a bird, it's a plane, it's... an Owleez! It's the "first interactive pet that can fly" and feels real (at least to kids!). We'll let the description explain: "With over 100 interactive sounds and movements, Owleez responds to your touch, love and care. Feed her the berries when she's hungry. She likes to be pet, tickled, rocked to sleep and loved, and will let you know her mood by changing her eye color!"

    Owleez ($50, Target)

  • Pictionary Air


    Pictionary Air takes a classic game and gives it the 2019 spin it needs! Instead of drawing the words and phrases on paper for teams to guess, draw in the air! 

    Pictionary Air ($20, Target)

  • Capsule Chix Ultimix Pack


    Calling all fashion-obsessed kiddos, this toy is for them. The Capsule Chix bring the paper outfit mix-and-match game to life by being able to customize the dolls' looks. We're talking hair, faces, accessories, and more.

    Capsule Chix Ultimix Pack ($50, Target)

  • Cool Maker Go Glam Nail Stamper Kit


    Beauty has almost always been a big deal, but thanks to YouTube, the activity is more accessible than ever. The Go Glam nail stamper kit makes it easier than ever to be, well, glam. This would be the perfect gift for the little fashionista in your life.

    Cool Maker Go Glam Nail Stamper Kit ($25, Target)

  • Poopsie Rainbow Surprise Slime Kit


    Ah slime. It's the bane of many parents' existences, but the best thing ever for literally any kid anywhere. The cream of the crop is the Poopsie Rainbow Surprise Slime Kit, making the top toy list this year.

    Poopsie Rainbow Surprise Slime Kit ($70, Target)

  • Disney 'Frozen 2' Ultimate Arendelle Castle Set


    It wouldn't be a toy list with something from Frozen and boy, this is THE gift. This Arendelle Castle playset is a 5 feet tall and glows in a colorful light show throughout the inner walls of the castle.

    Disney Frozen 2 Ultimate Arendelle Castle Set ($200, Target)

  • Disney 'Frozen' Fantastic Forest Game


    Help Olaf as he tries to escape from his hiding place in a tree, as kids color match, count, and strategize his escape. Two to four players are recommended for game play and it's perfect for kids ages 5 and up.

    Disney Frozen Fantastic Forest Game ($15, Target)

  • Fischer-Price Linkimals Musical Moose


    An interactive moose toys for babies ages 9 months and up. Press moose's tummy for colorful lights, songs, and phrases. And Moose's antlers are soft enough for babies to grasp, making this the perfect gift for the sweet little tot in your family.

    Fischer-Price Linkimals Musical Moose ($10, Target)

  • Star Wars D-O Interactive Droid


    Just in time for kids to obsess over after watching The Mandalorian this interactive toy seems pretty neat. Using an app kids can download on their phones or tablets, move D-O or play one of several challenges.

    Star Wars D-O Interactive Droid ($150, Target)

  • Fischer-Price Linkimals A to Z Otter


    Time to learn the alphabet! This otter has a belly full of letters and each button will interact with babies in different ways. And what's even cooler is that when the otter recognizes other Linkimals, they play a synchronized music and light show.

    Fischer-Price Linkimals A to Z Otter ($20, Target)

  • Lego Disney 'Frozen 2' Elsa's Jewelry Box


    We like this Lego set because not only does it encourage girls to build, but it's also practical. Kids 6 and up can make their own jewelry box, which also features a mirror, drawer, lock, and a turntable for Elsa to spin on.

    Lego Disney Frozen 2 Elsa's Jewelry Box ($32, Target)

  • Fischer-Price Linkimals Happy Shapes Hedgehog


    Babies ages 9 months and up can press the buttons on the side of the hedgehog's body to learn about shapes, colors, and numbers. The toy is mobile and active kids can zoom this little guy across the floor as they play.

    Fischer-Price Linkimals Happy Shapes Hedgehog ($25, Target)

  • Lego 'Star Wars' Starfighter Starship Model Kit


    Perfect for both kids and collectors this Star Wars Lego kit could be a great family project. Once the ship is built it can also launch missiles and drop bombs. And it comes with several mini-figures that kids will recommend from the Star Wars universe.

    Lego Star Wars Starfighter Starship Model Kit ($56, Target)

  • Fischer-Price Linkimals Lights and Colors Llama


    A fresh take on a classic kids toy, this interactive stacker is a great way to work on fine motor, thinking, and problem-solving skills. Music and phrases play from the base of the toy, too, which means that this is a fun, educational way to play.

    Fischer-Price Linkimals Lights and Colors Llama ($15, Target)

  • Disney Pixar 'Toy Story' Friends 


    We know we're still buzzing from Toy Story 4 and this six pack kit contains all of our favorite characters; Buzz, Woody, Jessie -- and of course, Forky. Plus, the toys are pretty big too.

    Disney Pixar Toy Story Friends 6 Pack ($50, Target)

  • Vtech Mix & Match-a-Saurus


    An interactive toy meant to make learning fun, this dino promotes creativity, social skills, and imaginative thinking and even is meant to start to teach kids how to identify their feelings. Best for kids ages 2 to 5.

    Vtech Mix and Match-a-Saurus ($30, Target)

  • Manhattan Toy Musical Llama


    How cute is this sweet little llama? But don't worry it's also fully functional and features a five-bar xylophone, a maraca tail, two clacking saddle blankets, wooden mallets, and more. Now that's music to our ears.

    Manhattan Toy Musical Llama ($40, Target)

  • LeapFrog LeapBuilding ABC Smart House


    An educational toy for little ones ages 2 and up, this building toy is good for tiny hands. The interactive Smart Star will sing songs, phrases, letters, and numbers while kids building the skyscraper of their dreams.

    LeapFrog LeapBuilding ABC Smart House ($30, Target)

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